Kim's New Rockets
Kim's New Rockets
Kim's New Rockets. Member reactions:
, Great idea. The rockets are funtastic and perfect for Kim.
Great image, Hobbit. I like the Tweedle Dum Idea.

Funny Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un
Member reactions:
, this is a good choice and quality work.

Funny Kim Jong Un Testing Missiles

Kim Jong Un Testing Missiles
Kim Jong Un oversees multiple missile tests Trump says he is “Not Personally Bothered” by North Korea missile tests
Member reactions:
I expected this to be in the top 3 I guess that's the way the egg bounces.
. Stunning visual and the uresized view really shows the greatness of this chop. Quality work, SplatShot.

Funny Bug Eyed Kim

Bug Eyed Kim
He's really sort of an insect in real life.
Member reactions:
Darn good looking chop and deserves a cup
Great Human Crossbreeding, LunaC. Super Image.
Awesome job, LunaC. Great color and blending especially the skin texture. Unresized is scary.

Funny Kim No Nose

Kim No Nose
Member reactions:
Great blending. He looks so natural. Top 5 Denlig.
Top5grats. Superb Work and Trophy Worthy.
Flawless blen, too many good entries for four trophies.

Funny Kim Kardashian, MoonBat

Kim Kardashian, MoonBat
Just missed the Toothless Celebrity contest.
Member reactions:
Great one for the Toothless Celeb contest.
Yes... Thanks, Reggie. But not for this Freak Show. This Freak Show Rocks.
Yes, A great chop but this Freak show has a ton of top great chops.
Thank you very much Reggie, KIR, Gummy, and Hits. Keep It Rock'n

Funny Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Funny Christie Brinkley Kim Kardashian Mouths

Christie Brinkley Kim Kardashian Mouths

Funny Kim Kardashian Flipped

Kim Kardashian Flipped

Funny Kim by Andy

Kim by Andy

Funny Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un
North Korea released a high-resolution photo of its leader Kim Jong Un (link below). Which is a really welcome move for all photoshoppers who previously had to use his rare and small photos from Korean news agencies. So, we say - Thank you, North Korea! - and start photoshopping Kim at once. Look, and our own preemiememe has already chopped this photo and it has gone viral! Photoshop this photo of a Kim Jong Un any way you wish.

Funny President Obama and Kim Jong-Un Impersonators

President Obama and Kim Jong-Un Impersonators
Who could have thought that one day Barack Obama would be happily walking hand in hand with Kim Jong-Un? Well, folks, this day has finally come, according to the today's stock photo. Have at it! Photoshop this photo of President Obama and Kim Jong-Un impersonators any way you wish.

Funny Where is Kim Jong-un?

Where is Kim Jong-un?
There's a lot of buzz in the media about the public disappearance of Kim Jong-un. The North Korea's 32-year-old leader has been absent from public view for almost 40 days, with the only Pyongyang's official statement that "he's healthy, just needs time to heal from a minor leg injury during the military training". Despite this official statement, Kim Jong-un's major health issues are rumored to be the main reason for his unexpected absence - he is a heavy smoker and a Cognac lover, just like his father was. Kim Jong-un was last shown on North Korean national television in the first days of September, where he appeared limping and gaining weight. He has missed two major national holidays where the leader is expected to make an appearance - the Foundation Day of the North Korean State (September 9) and the anniversary of the establishment of the Korean Worker's Party (October 10). This sudden disappearance of the Supreme Leader is even more surprising considering his known love for public appearances and photo shoots (unlike his father Kim Jong-il who was a camera-shy dictator). Show where and how Kim Jong-un might be hiding from the public eye.

Funny Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un
The recent declaration of war by North Korea to South Korea turned out to be a translation error. Kim Jong Un is just trying to show the world (and his own nation), he's as mighty a dictator as his father Kim Jong Il was. Too often North Korea was caught with their military bluff games in the past (badly photoshopped photos of missile tests, etc.), that the recent military threats to South Korea and the USA are likely nothing but the Kim Jong Un's attempts to pose as a mighty leader to be feared of. Photoshop this photo of Kim Jong Un any way you wish.

Funny Remembering Kim Jong Il...

Remembering Kim Jong Il...
It's notoriously difficult to get a sense of what's going on in North Korea - after all, the world didn't even learn of Kim Jong Il's death until two days after it occurred. In the West he was mocked for his bouffant, his pudgy belly and his platform shoes. Former U.S. President George W. Bush called him a pygmy. He was even parodied in the parody movie Team America: World Police as a dictator who walked around an empty palace singing about his loneliness. But in North Korea, he was called the Dear Leader (and, more recently, the Supreme Leader) and the news of his death shocked North Korea and left the nation in tears. Official North Korean reports say that he died of "fatigue" while on a train ride. Kim, who reportedly feared flying and traveled by personal armored train, had suffered a stroke in 2008. He was reported in better health in recent months, having cut down on his appetite for cognac and cigars. Photoshop Kim Jong Il how he will be remembered in history, or photoshop what/who awaits this leader in the afterlife.

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