Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself. Arkansuicide The act of taking your life using a gun to put a bullet or numerous bullets to the back of your skull. Usually performed in the state of Arkansas, or by victims with connections to Arkansas. Also known in part as Arkancide, Sudden Death Syndrome

Funny They Killed my Dog

They Killed my Dog
Keanu Reeves as John Wick

Funny Born to kill

Born to kill
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Top5Congrats, Andrew. Tugging on the " so cute" string. (: Nice work.

Funny Did you know, I killed BinLaden

Did you know, I killed BinLaden

Funny News can kill

News can kill

Funny Killing Santa Bill

Killing Santa Bill
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What perspective is off Crafty. What proportions are u referring to Lucian. Crickets...

Funny Rue story how one day he killed Big Dino.

Rue story how one day he killed Big Dino.

Funny Briton Kills Soros' NWO

Briton Kills Soros' NWO
Blood sucking Progressive, George Soros New World Order plans are thwarted by the British people
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One heck of a perfect chop, boy this looks just like the crooked old goat.
Beautiful job done on this, down right fantastic and boy did you get Soros right, congrats on the win.
Joy, finally got lucky and off of the stagnated spot on my mantel. I was producing some really good chops over the last month but they just weren't clicking. Thanks Gummy, Crafty, Steve, SS, Hobbit, and HH. The win was soul food. -Passing through some temporary turbulence but it's all good.
Grats on the zinger. Well done, and fast too.
Congrats, Hits. I knew it was a winner from the get-go. Had it in your shoe-box huh. Blood ... s are so easy to predict.
Thank you Andrew, Bob D-Man, DD and Kerri. SS, "Blood ...s" errr not sure what that is.
Blood-suhckers, Hits. I guess the curse filter felt it was preventing me from saying phuckers. That description fits as well
God, that was obvious. I must have been tired Thanks for clearing that up

Funny Trump Kills Anticipated Debate

Trump Kills Anticipated Debate
Political flip flop
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Bronze and Woody Congrats, Mr.Hit You have to use only one work per contest. Just kidding. Always pleasure to see your works.
Fantastic work as always, congrats on the win.
TY Hobbit, Gummy, Andrew, Luciano, John and Armatien. Actually Andrew, I don't have to do any. . I just did not expect the Trump Chop to place. Not my best work. But I was beat Jere's even though I gave it a 9. You just never know.
Congrats, Hits. Another fine pic. Your just a (trophy) chopping moe-chine.

Funny Abraham Lincoln Killed in Battle

Abraham Lincoln Killed in Battle

Funny The Killing of Bin Laden: Alternative Versions

The Killing of Bin Laden: Alternative Versions
The statements from The White House on how Bin Laden was killed have changed quite a bit in the last two days. First it was "Bin Laden showed resistance and opened fire with his AK-47, used his wife as a human shield", then it changed to "Bin Laden showed unarmed resistance and used his wife as a human shield", and now it's down to "Bin Laden did not show resistance, and did not use any woman as a human shield, and the woman was not his wife after all. She ran to SEALS who shot her in the leg. She died (from bleeding?)." Let's help The White House with their changing story and photoshop some alternative (possible or impossible) versions on how Bin Laden was killed, and what he was really doing then.

Funny What Killed the Dinosaurs?

What Killed the Dinosaurs?
Until recently, the most accepted theory of dinosaur extinction suggested that dinosaurs were wiped from the face of the planet because of the climatic changes caused by a gigantic asteroid hitting the Earth some 75 million years ago. However, the most recent research suggests that the dinosaurs were killed by disease carrying mosquitoes. The size of dinosaurs made them the biggest predators on Earth, but even the dinosaurs the size of a double decker could be infected and killed with a single mosquito bite. Today you are to suggest your own theory of what really killed the dinosaurs. Try to be creative and don't be afraid to use even the most ridiculous scenarios of why the dinosaurs became extinct - smoking, drugs, Colonel Sanders, etc. Feel welcome to photoshop your theory as a book or magazine cover.

Funny Kill Bill

Kill Bill
Photoshop "Kill Bill" with the new cast members (polits/celebs), and/or design a sequel.

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