Cuomo The Unborn Baby Killer !
Cuomo The Unborn Baby Killer !
Cuomo The Unborn Baby Killer !. New York governor justifies legalizing abortions up to birth: Iím not here to represent Catholicism Cuomo New Abortion Laws.
Member reactions:
Another piece of Trash to the Baby Killing List--Ralph Northam defends bill allowing abortion during labor, these monsters are SICK.
Awesome work on the Prez n Sean, biggest view to see detail.
Thanks a lot Reggie, I did two picks for this to let off steam, I knew this pic wouldn't win, nor the other.
Hobbit the pic is pro work and great way to let off steam The short height might have hurt it at 519 px contest view.

Funny Killer Muppets Horror Movie

Killer Muppets Horror Movie
Member reactions:
Very nice less is more approach. Congrats on the gold.
Congrats on the Win, Evirio. A FunFabulous Idea.

Funny Killer Ted Movie

Killer Ted Movie

Funny Killer Cat in Fright Night

Killer Cat in Fright Night
Member reactions:
Great blending. This one has a really nice feel. Congrats on the trifecta.
Congrats on the Silver, Bronze, and Wood.
Congrats on the silver, bronze, and wood, LM.

Funny Paws Killer of the Sea

Paws Killer of the Sea
This cat loves the water...
Member reactions:
Correct the first name arrangement unless that was done on purpose

Funny Killer Kangaroo in the Forest with an Axe

Killer Kangaroo in the Forest with an Axe
Member reactions:
I think he killed that tree
Trill horror suspense and HD quality chop. Fine detail and flawless, Good luck hidden
Something terrific happened. Deep mistery. Where does blood on his back come from . End of episode 1.

Funny Micro Killer Flu Wanted Poster

Micro Killer Flu Wanted Poster
Flu is still killing
Member reactions:
Dead is better, alive can be user for further experimentsE
Flu is one of the most deadly killer of times

Funny Penguin Killer Whale Hybrid

Penguin Killer Whale Hybrid
Member reactions:
. Nice one, original idea to which is always refreshing
, looks like a heavy bomber jet carrying a bomb. Top job.
Definitely one of your best. Congrats on the cuppage

Funny Killer Typhoon Hits the Philippines

Killer Typhoon Hits the Philippines
Member reactions:
Horrific view of Tornado behind... its lifting houses,people, trees and leaves behind the trail of destruction... Great job done to show the news reporter reporting steady in this situation
Love the chop, but i think it'd be even better if you added some motion blur to the man and the house
It was chopped in 400 asa mode Vlad I agree, apparently it needed something more, huh I thought the story was compelling, and thought the artwork though not a 'haha-goofy-fied' chop this time, might have a chance to win on composition alone. Can anyone deny if this wasn't a chop, but a real photo it would likely win a Pulitzer. There I go, thinking like an artist again. hahahahaha

Funny Asteroid Planet Killer

Asteroid Planet Killer
Source News
Member reactions:
This is awesome way to show the planet is being protected by Astronauts well done and good composition
Very clever. Makes me wanna read some sci-fi stories. Luv this chop.
Thanks all, this had a low resolution that I tried to tighten without much success

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