Talented kid
Talented kid
Talented kid.

Funny Kids have good appetite. Will they feed yourself in the future?

Kids have good appetite. Will they feed yourself in the future?
Member reactions:
Hahaha, even Cameron is there at the back table.

Funny Mrs. Steve Harvey and Kids

Mrs. Steve Harvey and Kids
Steve Harvey is one of my favorite entertainers. He has his own daytime "Steve Harvey Show" and also hosts, "Family Feud."

Funny Kids at a Palcohol Stand

Kids at a Palcohol Stand
State Lawmaker Asks For Ban On FDA Approved Palcohol

Funny Kid Dressed as Spiderman Shoots a Web at Barack Obama

Kid Dressed as Spiderman Shoots a Web at Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Excellent caricature....... funny to see Putin angry face

Funny Spiderman Kid Tries to Stop Obama Smoking

Spiderman Kid Tries to Stop Obama Smoking

Funny SpiderMan Kid in the Pub with the Obamas

SpiderMan Kid in the Pub with the Obamas
Member reactions:
Nice caricature... lovely couple together
Excellent chop but beer's price looks too high.

Funny Kids Lego Motors

Kids Lego Motors
Member reactions:
Congrads on the Silver Cup, I was a used car kid.
I bet they accept payments in Oreo cookies These kids mean business
Congrats on the silver, Doc. I cracked up at this one. It is very well done and could have easily won too.

Funny Al Sharpton with Oprah and Michelle Obama as Kids

Al Sharpton with Oprah and Michelle Obama as Kids
Sisters left to right. Alice, Oprah, Michelle Jack Rabbit Studios, a subsidiary of Harpo Productions. We do Family Portraits. We do them fast. We do them cheap.
Member reactions:
Alice,,, now that's funny I don't care who you are.
Sources and what you have done with them. Rock. The more I study this the more I love it
Thanks very much Silvercanine and Sulliishere. I should have titled it Laughing at Alice. Al Sharpton is a hoot. Thanks, Hitz. Defiantly a fun chop for me. I believe one of my most favorite parts was building then tearing up the rabbit poster.
Your work is very well done. I love the torn poster and the whole scene, actually.
Awesome chop. Girl on the left is over the top .
Congratulations, SplatShot.. Fantastic work.. Sharpton makes it work so good..
Thanks Geri, Wanderer, Lu, Uncle-C, Doc, Gummy, and Bob. Thanks all I really appreciate the great comments and high marks.
You brought the sources together with perfection from - lights to colors and texture. My favorite parts here are Sharpton - aka Alice, and the rabbit poster on the wall.
It's a stunning piece of chopping history. Woody.... I did not realize you created the poster too. extra++++s
Thank very much NewsMaster. Glad you enjoyed it.
Thanx, Hitz. Just counting them up I had 12-14 obvious source images. But the way I phrased my earlier statement defiantly seems miss leading after re-reading it. The rabbit poster is a Tarot card I found. I gave it a little character...and didn't actually build the scene. Guess you will have to revoke my extra ++++'s now.
Congrats Slapshot, I like the contrasting colors against the gray background
Thanks, Funkwood. The gray color seem to work best with the girls hair detail in the new scene.

Funny Preacher Kids Unite Katy Perry and Marilyn Manson

Preacher Kids Unite Katy Perry and Marilyn Manson

Funny Obama vs Spider-Man Kid

Obama vs Spider-Man Kid
Today's stock photo comes from the White House Press Service archives. It's a personal favorite photo of President Obama from 2012, and shows him pretending to be caught in the kid Spider-Man's web. Photoshop this photo of Obama and a Spider-Man kid any way you wish.

Funny If Kids Ruled

If Kids Ruled
Past Sunday was International Children's Day (celebrated on second Sunday in December). Create images of what the world would be like if kids / babies ruled. Many thanks to luke314pi for the themepost.

Funny If Kids Used Photoshop

If Kids Used Photoshop
Dutch artist Telmo Pieper decided to recreate his childhood drawings (made when he was 4) using Photoshop and photo sources. The results are quite amusing - they look like asymmetric creatures and objects with deformed proportions, yet they look quite photo realistic. Perhaps this is how kids see the world nowadays? Show how (any) kids' drawings could look if kids used photoshop and photo sources to create them. Many thanks to silvercanine for the contest idea and to Telmo Pieper for the themepost.

Funny Kid Monk

Kid Monk
This Thursday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Ordination of little children into priesthood is quite common in Buddhism. In this regard there's a lot of questions and controversy whether it's OK to let parents make life-long decisions for kids as young as 10 and send them to become monks at such early age. Even if a child agrees, he may not realize nor fully know that such choice implies life long commitments like celibacy, absence of family, and many limitations due to the monks' code of conduct. In the resent years the children monk controversy is especially elevated by the numerous cases of child abuse reported in Buddhist monasteries. Most psychologists agree that such important life choices as becoming a monk should probably be made at a grown up age. Photoshop this photo of a kid monk any way you wish. Some examples are - make this kid wear fashionable clothes, place him in some unusual environment, or make him run some errands. (Image credit: Joan Campderrós-i-Canas)

Funny Soccer Goalie Kid

Soccer Goalie Kid
There are many prequels of soccer in history that involve kicking a ball - "harpastum" in the Roman Empire, "cuju" in China, and "woggabaliri" in Australia. The first formal rules of the modern soccer were drawn up in England, at Cambridge University in 1848. To promote the soccer's popularity in the US, many children's soccer clubs are open and financed by FIFA (The Fédération Internationale de Football Association) these days. Photoshop this photo of a soccer goalie kid (image credit Torsten Bolten) any way you wish.

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