Nicole Kidman the Witch
Nicole Kidman the Witch
Nicole Kidman the Witch. sources
Member reactions:
Really cool.. would love to see the sources.
I've already posted the sources for this entry apraxine, why would you want to re-post them.
Congrats Funkwood Nice job, now to get Cruise to drink it.
Awesome job, Funky. Face fits perfectly. I really like this, congrats..
i think he already had a sip AZ...He's lookin' for the antidote now,
Awesome blend. She's got the love potion. Congratulations, Wood.

Funny Wall-e in Love with Nicole Kidman

Wall-e in Love with Nicole Kidman
Member reactions:
I'll never look at Nicole the same way again.
Would make a great poster for any Kidman fan or Wall-e fan.
Nice work Rainman. I kinda wish this one got the Woody and Bjork got the gold. Not just because I love Bjork, but the irony of this winning a woody would have been side splitting.
omg this is soooo lovely... congratulations..
Congrats on a beautiful chop. Gold is yours.
Congrat's on the gold. deserved win. Cheers Mandrak

Funny Nicole Kidman with Twins

Nicole Kidman with Twins
Nicole gave birth to Sunday on a Monday... Story Larger Image
Member reactions:
very nice blend.. and congrats Nicole .. by the way,,i have triplets, .
Thanks preemiememe , Triplets..... You are very blessed, but how do you find the time to photoshop, or anything for that matter.. More power to you...
Clean work. The twins look so peaceful. Hope they don't scream at night - otherwise it's a double hell, .
Congrats Hamid Twins ehh. Will take Nicole's thin frame a year to recover...hehe.
Congratulations on the gold(en twins), Hamid.
Beautiful work as usual Hamid. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Nicole Kidman Cheetah

Nicole Kidman Cheetah
Member reactions:
Very intriguing image and nice job overall. The spots look like an overlay--you could incorporate them better--but still a nice effort.

Funny Goth Niclole Kidman

Goth Niclole Kidman
Member reactions:
Nice composition, although I think she's paler in real life
I'd make her more pale too, but artistic work nonetheless. Congratulations on the silver.
Congrats preemiememe, nice job Oh no, Nicole became a scientologist.
Nice work pree, before I saw the results of the contest, I thought it was Rainman's work. Cheers.
Congrats preemiememe, and thanks for your comments on my Ex-Wife the real Rosie, and good bye, you just made it to # 110 on the honor roll and I'm at 109 and holding, your daily pictures are getting better each day, we have our eyes on you.

Funny Nicole Kidman and Her Mother

Nicole Kidman and Her Mother

Funny Nicole Kidman by Picasso

Nicole Kidman by Picasso
Member reactions:
Creative, Picasso - stylish, and I like that she is still recognizable.
Congrats on the trophies Funkwood. This was a teriffic entry.
Thank you all. I'm happy with this one, and it came together so easily. I wish they were all like that.

Funny Two Faced Nicole Kidman with a Spider

Two Faced Nicole Kidman with a Spider

Funny Nicole Kidman with Short Legs

Nicole Kidman with Short Legs

Funny Nicole Kidman Without a Neck

Nicole Kidman Without a Neck
Member reactions:
Now this is just showing off very nice work.

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