Accordion Computer Keyboard
Accordion Computer Keyboard
Accordion Computer Keyboard. Member reactions:
the source of light should blend with the two images to make it look as one object.

Funny Scrabble Computer Keyboard

Scrabble Computer Keyboard
Just for Play....
Member reactions:
ha ha, now this made me laugh. Actually if something like this isn't available (minus the cheat/hint keys of course) it would probably sell.
I could use hint every now and then

Funny Typewriter Computer Keyboard

Typewriter Computer Keyboard
Source image

Funny Dice Computer KeyBoard Keys

Dice Computer KeyBoard Keys
Inspired from dice game...
Member reactions:
excellent job on the engraving of the keys.

Funny God's HOT Keys on Computer Keyboard

God's HOT Keys on Computer Keyboard
Vote or beware the "Red Key." "Up" - "." - Undecided-Pergatory - "Down" - Noman's land - "Recycle"- Go back down 'til you get it right
Member reactions:
I'm voting. I'm voting. I'm Voting. Stay away from the red key please.
Ha. You're safe. You're an honest artist rep that has actually been insane enough to put up with me and protect me from the wolves. If I hit the red button, they would come and eat my soul if you weren't around. You're safe. What do you think of the composition. Trippy huh. It's got a really strange push-pull, verging on vertigo when you stare at it. I wish it was entirely planned... but it did work out better than the sketch. Thanks for stopping by.
recycled i think is what our mother earth need now.nice idea.
And on the seventh day God pressed pause key.

Funny Ladies and Men Artists Keyboard

Ladies and Men Artists Keyboard
Member reactions:
Why leave the computer when you could have it all right here.
Hhahaha Indeed an idea who's time has come
good there a built-in microphone.
Silver keyboards for Rain, congratulations.

Funny Social Media Essential Computer Keyboard Keys

Social Media Essential Computer Keyboard Keys

Funny Happy Housewife Keyboard

Happy Housewife Keyboard
This is how i make it through the day. Please view larger and let me know what you think.
Member reactions:
Love the random ... keys. Funny submission.
great. lots of ... on those keys no one uses
wish It passes the Quality Control department
I had a lot of fun viewing it full. Do you sell these keyboards.
HAHA if I sold them i would be the first to buy. I can use all the help i can get. thanks for all views this one was fun.
Sorry for the "QC" abbreviation... I edit it now

Funny American Computer Keyboard

American Computer Keyboard
Member reactions:
Excellent. Great thinking outside the box.
Nice work, but what's with the grim reaper on the US. I'd have thought with its drug production it would have been on Brazil.
By everything what produces, it is eaten greasy, arms, wars, interference, etc, etc.
Canada should be bigger... We're the second largest country on the planet Congratulations on the silver. Great entry.
Congratulations on your first silver trophy in advanced contests, lesmack.
Congratulations by the image were deserved to be in first, this one much delimits

Funny Indestructible Keyboard

Indestructible Keyboard
Take away their value, and diamonds still would have a use for their hardness. I present to you, the indestructible keyboard. Per request on amount of work: 52 layers, 3 adjustment layers all sources
Member reactions:
It may sound picky but the texts on the keys are not on one line. I still like it... Excellent...
Can I also buy a pink one.. Pink one. I PREFER THE PINK ONE........
. NICELY DONE. -Edited by Moderator on 4/10/2006 10:32:03 PM
this man is good. He really made a pink one. The text on the keys is perfect now. Nice job man.. Greatings from a friend, tomba
dude, I don't even think i am gonna submit cause you already won bro that rocks dude. get it 'rocks' hahah that was so lame
How much work actually went into this one. Source pic.
excellent, you might be dazzled by this keyboard though.

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