Kettle Air Plane
Kettle Air Plane
Kettle Air Plane. "We have lift-off." Sources from stockexpert and stock.xchng. Plane: Soviet fighter Jak 3 from polish air forces 1 by hisks from stock.xchng
Member reactions:
Superb blend. Love the lights and the propeller. Every time it shoots, it whistles.
Looks like Darth Vader's teapot-great concept.
. Spectacular win TT... Congrats. I almost envisioned gold and silver done by the same hand.... Both excellent entries...
Congrats on the win, Tom. and welcome back.
tom i bet the use that to search for roadkill.. congrats ))
Hi Tom---Welcome back. I was trying to figure out who was eating my lunch on this contest----and it was YOU... Great work. Hope you'll stick around for a while.
TiredTom is here ... Welcome back boss , really fantastic work as always this made me guessing alot Congrats on the gold and keep up fantastic works man
Thank you very much. I hoped to see more people joining this contest - it seems it was a difficult theme. But it was a great contest with a lot of fantastic images & ideas.
Excellent work Tom... This absolutely beautiful...

Funny Big Kettle in the Street

Big Kettle in the Street
2nd Edit, minus the big fat lady.
Member reactions:
PS some reference imagery on my photostream... Found the woman somewhere on google, forget exactly.
Psst. ...Secretly. Don't let anyone know you post in the forum. Hee. Hee.
To be honest i liked it better without the fat women in the background.
Agree with jman1a. But if you leave her in this picture, you'd better sharpen the top of her head and hair as they appear a bit too blurry even in full view. Your previous version was great: just needed (in my humble opinion) some lightening adjustments (on the kettle and the spoon, mainly). Anyway, it's still a very nice work.
Nice to see this image in a contest. I agree with the previous comments: Your former version is much better than your actual image... the woman - though she's well integrated - destroys the perspective, the deepness of your source image (in my opinion) and dislocates the point of interest. I can't help: Sometimes the less is more Please fix the shadows (kettle, cup, spoon) so that they fit to the diffuse light. Oh, and you've got 350kb file size limit (I remember your previous version...) - use it, show us the great details. Great photostream by the way, especially the night shots are excellent.
Thanks for these comments, I will definitely update the prior version to incorporate the suggestions. The big fat lady was integrated in through fear of being classed as lazy after posting the prior version in the community section. I Felt I needed to add more. Without realizing I've probably made it less.
Ok, I know you had a person in this befor. Is that a magic kettle. Just kidding and it looks good.
Thanks for the edit. Your photo might also give a good themepost for a "Photoshop this image in any way you want"-Contest... just an idea.
It is indeed a magic kettle, tragically she had to leave the alley to tend to other tasks. She or indeed her better looking sisters may pay a visit in another concoction in the near future. She was blocking the view anyway. "Photoshop this image in any way you want'-Contest" sounds great.
First one and garnered wood. Impressive...
So glad you got rid of her... it looks better without her.... congrats on wood.
Emmettmclaughlin great chop here... congratulations .
Congratulations, Emmettmclaughlin. Impressive first entry, indeed.
Emmettmclaughlin congrats on the woody and big welcome to freaking news
Thank you all. Entered another into what falls from the sky, upwards and onwards.

Funny The Scream with a Kettle Head

The Scream with a Kettle Head
Member reactions:
Blowing off some steam eh

Funny Kettle Racing Tires

Kettle Racing Tires
Member reactions:
Nice tire work, and the left road fence. I like how FN sponsors the race too
Only in FN you will see a F. with such cool tires... Great job...
Very good chop, and the Freaking News sponsorship is a nice touch, but this text needs some distortion and/or wrapping, in my humble opinion...

Funny Kettle Pirate Ship in Sea

Kettle Pirate Ship in Sea
Member reactions:
Awesome.. I could have even see this winning a trophy in the regular Freak Show contest
Thanks FN friends to all for comments,yeah i think its nice c comeback for me.

Funny The Kettle Helmet

The Kettle Helmet

Funny Bullet Holes in Kettle

Bullet Holes in Kettle
Member reactions:
. Kell.

Funny The Kettle Lighthouse

The Kettle Lighthouse

Funny Bishop and Pawn Made from Kettle

Bishop and Pawn Made from Kettle
Member reactions:
Not sure about the bishop's shadow (a little bit too dark and too long, and it should be made more parallel with the pawn's shadow, in my humble opinion of course.), but the rest of this shop is really nice. Even better if you could add a (partial) chessboard too in this chop...
Nice work. If the shadow is too dark,,,,it's only just slightly. I agree with Paul on the parallel and the length parts though. Maybe correcting the pawn shadow instead of the bishop may be a little better. I might suggest smoothing the shadow edges a little. They just look a little choppy on the larger view. Still nice work.

Funny Kettle Chainsaw

Kettle Chainsaw
Member reactions:
Saw me two cups please, . Good job, needs a full view

Funny Kettle

Photoshop this kettle image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: re-designing this kettle, designing other objects with this kettle, putting the kettle into some unusual environment, using the kettle image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Andrew Martin and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Tea Kettle

Tea Kettle
Photoshop this tea kettle image any way you wish. Use your imagination as you see fit. This image is supplied by Stock Exchange.

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