Annual Kentucky Dinosaur Derby
Annual Kentucky Dinosaur Derby
Annual Kentucky Dinosaur Derby . Member reactions:
Try to clone out the horse in back of the middle Dino. It should be pretty easy to do and would make this a great chop.
Horse is survived in tough race. Ok I will remove horse. Thank you, Paul.
Great pick of dinos to compete.Should be a close race. of my faves...the Dino in the middle cracks me up.

Funny Kentucky Derby Horse's Good Luck Hat

Kentucky Derby Horse's Good Luck Hat
The Kentucky Derby is known for their tasty Mint Juleps and fancy hats. Check out the new derby hats for the famous horse race coming in May.
Member reactions:
Very clever. I like how you have the horses and jockeys on the hat, as well as the Derby tickets.

Funny Kentucky Hungry Chicken

Kentucky Hungry Chicken
KHC-Kentucky Hungry Chicken
Member reactions:
Chicken Flavor sauce - now that's really going bankrupt for KFC.
What is between the bread slices. Looks like a potato. Times are tough, I guess. the way-CONGRATULATIONS.
Congratulations on the SILVER.. Excellent work..
Thank you Newsy, Ivan, Joan, Pcr, Icy, Luke and Geri there is nothing but bread slices Appreciate a lot your comments.

Funny Kentucky Wedding Planner

Kentucky Wedding Planner
Member reactions:
"preferably a double-barreled persuader"

Funny Kentucky Fried Chicken Advert

Kentucky Fried Chicken Advert
Member reactions:
Good job, but shouldn't it say: Make My Chicken instead of "Mine" Chicken.

Funny Escaping Kentucky Fried Chicken

Escaping Kentucky Fried Chicken
Member reactions:
IS that what they call "Chasing Chicks". .

Funny EPL Kentucky Fried Chicken

EPL Kentucky Fried Chicken
El pollo loco

Funny Kentucky National Guards

Kentucky National Guards
Kentucky Deploys Full National Guard For Winter Clean Up
Member reactions:
George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Hunter Thompson, Diane Sawyer and Abraham Lincoln are all from Kentucky. I'm pretty sure those dudes in the picture are from Alabama.

Funny The Nike Kentucky Derby

The Nike Kentucky Derby

Funny Kentucky Fried Dinosaur

Kentucky Fried Dinosaur
Member reactions:
Someone has already picked the meat off to the bone.
Congrats on your first jury pick, good job

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