Kelly. The chair bottom was the most challenging part of this picture to do in order to get it in the right perspective. Also, I did many layers on the blouse alone for the proper shading. mixed media
Member reactions:
Excellent work. Great to see you growing so much. Well done.

Funny Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly

Funny Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly
Member reactions:
Like Beard and the Mustaches.... well done

Funny R.Kelly statue

R.Kelly statue
Member reactions:
Good work using the source and nice merge on the face
Sweet statue texture technique. Also cool wallpaper patterns if you look closely Welcome back, Tim.

Funny Minka Kelly with Stubble

Minka Kelly with Stubble

Funny Hairy Minka Kelly

Hairy Minka Kelly

Funny Hairy Minka Kelly

Hairy Minka Kelly
Member reactions:
Her boyfriend will experience some changes when kissing her cheeks or lips.. hehehe
boyfriend . but this expression kills me

Funny Kelly Brook With Beard and Hairy Chest

Kelly Brook With Beard and Hairy Chest
Maybe she's trying to look more attractive for her female fans.
Member reactions:
Fantastic work,hair on the fingers looks very realistic for me.Keep up your work.
The hairy hands and arms look totally real.

Funny Kelly With a Beard

Kelly With a Beard
She's trying a new natural look
Member reactions:
It reminds me of someone...I would like to see her legs.....
Maybe elsewhere...
guys comments
Congrats bearder, kinda ironic to win a medal in this one, isn't it.... do you have a beard.
Congrats on the silver Bearder...Here can see long-time masters school of yahoo groups.Fantastic....
Thanks to all guys. And.. yes, I got a beard (and my girlfriend too, in my pics).

Funny R Kelly Mixed with Barack Obama

R Kelly Mixed with Barack Obama
I was inspired by this song and here is a WIP
Member reactions:
Awesome work. Never realized they look so much alike. We gotta have some prez rapper in da house.
Congrats on yet another gold, liltim. Go Belgium.
Congrats on winner friend that was great one

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