Keith Richards
Keith Richards
Keith Richards. Member reactions:
Thought this was a winner, darn good work as always, hard to pick winners lately on here.

Funny Mick and Keith

Mick and Keith
or is it Keith and Mick.
Member reactions:
Fantastic 2 faced caricatures of these legends. Silver Congrats, Vic.

Funny Keith Richards and Helena Bonham Carter

Keith Richards and Helena Bonham Carter
Keith Richards and Helena Bonham Carter
Member reactions:
Oh Dear, the Hunger Games Red Carpet Event style.
Excellent thank you. What a wonderful birthday present. I like this style, Airbrushing and softening using Gaussian blur. It is a little change up from that crispness, sterile , purely technical approach. Thanks for the votes.
Looks really good, Congrats on the win, he really fits the character.
Congrats. Looks painterly instead of photomontage.

Funny Keith

Member reactions:
... Well, I thought this was super fine, You have at least one fan, Vicspa.

Funny Keith Richards as a Woman

Keith Richards as a Woman

Funny Keith Richards With a Big Nose

Keith Richards With a Big Nose
Member reactions:
I wish this was cleaner, because his expression and the lines on his face make this a potentially incredible chop. But the blending isn't enough, the dark line of his mustache goes over too far and breaks his wrinkle line. So close. Great source, as always.

Funny Keith Richards Caricature

Keith Richards Caricature
My favorite of the Stones Keith Richards Source
Member reactions:
Cool. Very nice heavy handed topaz effect
Uhh, I'm a little worried about that nose.
Gummy, I added the source of Keithís nose,to maybe ease your worried mind
Thanks Hitspinner, I think... Didnít use as much paz on Keithís face an neck, as heís got plenty enough wrinkles already.

Funny Keith Richards Caricature

Keith Richards Caricature
Member reactions:
2nd big shot in the middle. Should we wait and see .
Please don't forget to put the closing B tag, because the new FN system is very sensitive to html errors, and an unclosed bold tag actually turns all the content below the page into bold text and messes up other page properties. I have corrected this for you now, but hope you do in the future.
age is just a number for him to play is a passion
Congrats on the silver, Pix. Italy ruled this contest = the gold and the silver.
Another top chop... You two guys had a great fight for those cups. He11, I thought I was out of it judging by the early votes. I was back there in the pack scratching my head Excellent catch on the second cup, sir. Beautiful bobblelicious chop hahahahaaha

Funny Lou Reed Mixed with Keith Richards

Lou Reed Mixed with Keith Richards
Member reactions:
Great blend - looks authentic. I just wish the image was bigger
He looks awesome with the wrinkle torn face... well blended
Fantastic job Clean and neat Nice Caricature
Excellent choice of Keith Richards for the combo. Well put together

Funny Keith Urban and Steven Tyler Joined Together

Keith Urban and Steven Tyler Joined Together
Rockers Unite
Member reactions:
Like the placement of the Guitar on Fire and smoke effects.... Well merged to show their coordination together
Congratulations. Another screensaver to uplift my dwindling spirits.
Lol congrads 2 u, nice ... , can't say that how about six
Thank you HH, Bob, Wanderer, geri, Icy, Doc and Rajesh. I had a full on crash of my ext. hard drive so I am back to chopping with the itty bitty program and zero filters. First it was I had to replace my soggy camera, now the bloody HD, hahahaha crazy how when it rains it pours. Seems like I am never going to get the friggin Wacom tablet... but I will, oh yes I will
Congrats on the bronze, Paul. Me thinks I start to hear the sound of guitar jamming just looking at it. Quality work.

Funny Keith Richards

Keith Richards
Keith Richards of Rolling Stones turns 63 today. When interviewed, Richards said he does not feel his age. He said he stopped counting 80 years ago. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Keith Richards any way you like. Feel free to put him into paintings, movies, advertisements, give him a plastic surgery, or give Keith any new life roles.

Funny Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Wedding

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Wedding
OK, so Nicole Kidman finally did marry ex-cocaine addict Keith Urban after signing prenup to make sure her $150 million fortune is safe. Photoshop Kidman-Urban's wedding showing all shocking details media has missed. Remember to keep your entries Safe For Work.

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