Kayne West Sewing His Mouth Shut
Kayne West Sewing His Mouth Shut
Kayne West Sewing His Mouth Shut. Unrapped
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Great composition but I don't know who is he
You must be of a different generation Luciano Morelli His name is Kanye West and he has a tendency of saying and doing very rude things publicly. I thought he was famous the world over but I guess you have been spared.
Disturbing and impressive. Kayne certainly deserves it
Yep Vlad, unfortunately he does. Obam would be easy, Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn Rosie O', Rush Limbaugh if you are a progressive, Dr. Phill or even me if we simply annoy you..., big list Renegade Thanks Newsey and Pat.
A perfect example of drinking alcohol without using the mouth Great work on the stitches on the mouth and the devil peeping from his hole of the skull... this represents a devil workshop of an idle mind Great work overall
Very cool. Too bad we can't really stitch his mouth shut.
Fantastic work on this, congrats on the win and hope you had a nice Christmas.
Hey thanks Rajesh, Jim, Opcrom, Doc, Toledo Eagle, Bob, Pat and Hobbit, and yes, I did have a nice Xmas and hope you and everybody else did too...err... those of us that celebrate it

Funny Kayne West and Barack Obama

Kayne West and Barack Obama
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Hah............. yes that is about right good one

Funny Kayne West Beer Advert

Kayne West Beer Advert
The ultimate jackass tipple
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Hahahahaah LC

Funny Kayne West Jackass

Kayne West Jackass
It's quite an honor when a sitting president goes out of his way to call someone a jackass. It's probably Kanye West's greatest career achievement.
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...I reckon more than pretty good, bloody brilliant.
haha, nice job on his jackass haircut, top job
, nice caricature work. I would give it a blue ribbon too.
The "I love ME" button is priceless. Of course calling West a jackass is insulting to all jackasses everywhere.
Great entry. Should be a trophy for sure.
Cracks me up that the top 4 are of K. West. Man that speaks volumes hahahahahahaha Congrads on snatching another gold, LunaC You did some fine work.
Hits---Must be cuz Kanye is 4X the arsehole of anyone else.
Congrats Luna... a VERY well-deserved, awesome chop, congrats.
To say this is brilliant would be an underestimation. Clever concept, great details, and outstanding technique make this simply a beautificent entry.
Congrats on the win, Luna. Well deserved. I truly enjoyed this contest - some really great entries here, and this was the top of the cream.
Thanks for all of the kind comments. It's always a pleasure to lampoon people who really deserve it....and of all people...Kanye West deserves to be taken down a notch. This was FUNNNN.
that was a good & funny job man congrats on win

Funny Kayne West in Time Out

Kayne West in Time Out
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Yes..... What a buttnugget... Great statement.
Thought about putting a dookie on his glasses ... couldn't do it.
, that might be more than a suitable and deserving idea but a wee bit over the top Hahahahaha It is perfect as is
ill be the 1st to sit,,..