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Funny Katrina Pictures

Christmas post KatrinaFunny Christmas post Katrina
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Red Cross Santa to the rescue... or, well, whatever Red Cross Santa does.

Katrina's floodFunny Katrina's flood
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Hand Of Hurricane KatrinaFunny Hand Of Hurricane Katrina
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KatrinaFunny Katrina
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Money well spent, Ray

Katrina Ups n DownsFunny Katrina Ups n Downs
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So Brownie did do a "heckuva job" . . . compared to Dubya. New tapes out: "Who said what about Katrina."
The Bush Administration is treading in thin air

BP Spill Obama`s KatrinaFunny BP Spill Obama`s Katrina
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BP Spill Obama's Katrina.

KatrinaFunny Katrina
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kritik plawkz.
think she needs a reflection in the water like the guys in the raft but even more so cause she got a big old umbrella.
. Yes, reflection from the girl would be nice

Hurricane Katrina SurfersFunny Hurricane Katrina Surfers
Member reactions:

I didn't know how to get rid of the white boarder at the bottom.
the idea is nice...but need more work in matching color of two sources and also in shadows, cloning, masking.
What jest3r said about removing the while space.
, at those three guys from top of building.
Thanks for noticing the three on top i thought they would go unseen. xoxox and to the rest thanks for the comments and votes i will work on matching and such.

Katrina HouseFunny Katrina House
Member reactions:

Think the Insurance Company will give us Insurance now.
Some level/contrast & brightness adjustement layers were required to match the brightness of this sunny outdoor scene.
Almost like a different entry now. I admire your tenacity. Adding a shadow to the water, and maybe a reflection from each pillar, and this is perfect
I like it but how do you get there form here

Katrina CoinFunny Katrina Coin
Member reactions:

if this is a real coin of ray nagin katrina disaster, is coin available for purchase for my collection. thanks.

Hurricane KatrinaFunny Hurricane Katrina - Obviously all of the other politicians were passing around emails during this time too. Show us the images, emails and correspondence that was being passed around by other politicians or anyone else involved in the Katrina / New Orleans hurricane catastrophe.

Hurricane KatrinaFunny Hurricane Katrina - The lineup hasn't been finalized for this new charity album for Hurricane Katrina, so here's your chance to help Jackson out. What volunteers may we be surprised to hear singing on this album? What are the songs that they will sing? Where are they recording this? Design the CD, cassette, or album cover for the new Hurricane Katrina project. Oh, and they can't be called "We Are The World". Give them a great new name!

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