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Funny Katie Pictures

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Tom voodoo doll is a freaking great touch.
Great idea. Support Katie's bid for freedom.
Katie looks so beautiful and adding to the flavor the Doll with the pins pouched to it is really freaky

Tom and Katie splitFunny Tom and Katie split
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Hollywood power couple finally split. Tom and katie split up Tom and Katie split-up
Great detail and nice chop with wonderful caricature done on the couple
fitting title and work.... excellent....

Katie HolmesFunny Katie Holmes
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Tom Cruise in Katie Holmes` Bum BagFunny Tom Cruise in Katie Holmes` Bum Bag
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Fanny Source

Tiny Tom Cruise and Katie HolmesFunny Tiny Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
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Dog Barking at Katie Perry While JoggingFunny Dog Barking at Katie Perry While Jogging
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Rajesthar, Qtremoonshop, Krrish thank you so much.
Congratulations. Never disappointed in your work. .
Yeah, Sushin3, a beautiful girl like you *
Thank you so much Pcr, Boulpix, Salis, Geri, PixJockey appreciate your comments.
Clean , fabulous chop. Congrats on the bronze, Sun.

Katie Holmes by Andy WarholFunny Katie Holmes by Andy Warhol
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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes CaricaturesFunny Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Caricatures
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OMG, See those teeths and eys LOl. Good job.
Love how you did the caricature, especially Kate - she is such a doll here One minor thing about Tom, his absence of nostrils looks strange. Is this intentional.
OMG. Now that you've mentioned it's as obvious as the nose on my face. I had about 5 minutes until voting so I must have missed it. I feel sooooo stupid.
Well, Mia, email me the edited version if you wish and I'll load it for you I think with a proper nose this chop would be voted higher too.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Mixed TogetherFunny Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Mixed Together
Member reactions:

A nice birthday treat for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Happy 50th.
This loos real and scares me. Seriously, well done. Congrats on the wood, thomas.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Funny Wedding PhotoTom Cruise and Katie Holmes Funny Wedding Photo
Member reactions:

Hahaha, freaking hysterical take on the famous photo.
I like how you used that cheap plastic container box too for Tom - shows that he might be a cheap ba$tard after all, .

Katie HolmesFunny Katie Holmes - American actress Katie Holmes celebrates her 30th birthday today. Besides her roles, Katie became internationally known for relationship and marriage to Tom Cruise. Their relationship and marriage received mostly negative attention from the media due to the couple's 16 year age difference, and for Holmes' conversion to Scientology shortly after she began dating Cruise. There has been a lot of speculations that TomKat relationship is just a publicity stunt. Nor anyone believed TomKat's daughter Suri is for real, until TomKat showed Suri to the world, months after she was born. To mark the 30th birthday of Katie Holmes, photoshop her any way you wish.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes WeddingFunny Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Wedding - [ Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have exchanged wedding vows in a floodlit Italian castle this Saturday. The wedding was celebrated by a Scientology minister in accordance with the couple's faith and attended by a host of show business stars. ] I did't think they had balls to do it, but TomKat finally tied the knot. Let's just recall a chain of events here. Holmes converted to Scientology after meeting Cruise. Cruise, however, never fulfilled his promise to convert to heterosexuality. Suri is a living proof that Tom Cruise did sleep with Holmes. And I am talking about John Holmes here, folks. I am not trying to say Tom Cruise is gay or something, all I'm saying is that he's not heterosexual. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything related to TomKat wedding.

Katie Couric PhotoshoppedFunny Katie Couric Photoshopped - It seems like when it comes to presenting news the word "photoshop" and the word "media" became petty much as inseparable as Paris Hilton and STDs. Just this month we caught Reuters doing the dumbass photoshop work even a child could spot. Now, CBS photoshops its billion dollar anchor-woman Katie Couric to shed 20 pounds off her thighs, shoulders, brains, and waist. FreakingNews should have copyrighted news photoshopping to start with, and sue those rich bastards for big bucks, so we can retire and spend all our money on beer and chicks donate all our money to Red Cross. The difference is that FreakingNews labels all our work as "photoshop" work, but CBS tries to present theirs as a real photo in its 400,000 circulation magazine, and think their readers are too dumb to notice. They should have reserved a special "readers comments" section under the published Couric's photo, and by golly they'd receive comments like: * Great work, but I'd lower the opacity of her suit to look closer to the original. * Quality chop; however consider removing obvious cloning in her waist area. * OK, but Couric's head needs some slimming too to match the rest of the body Contest directions: Make Katie Couric slim. And by slim I mean something which would make anorexic Nicole Richie look like the biggest fatass that ever roamed this planet. Let's show CBS what the real chopping is all about. You want her slimmer? You will get her slimmer.

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