Hamid Karzai's summer presents from Obama
 Hamid Karzai's summer presents from Obama
Hamid Karzai's summer presents from Obama. Member reactions:
Harmid Karzai looks too funny on the Donkey ride with pieces of sh falling down adding a freaky smoke to it is really hilarious
Smell. Don't seat close to the display. I will add freshener air spray to the picture.
Nice clean Chop Good to see the Chain following
Pooooooooo eueeeecth gag gag This would go great in MAD Magazine, Great fun, Wanderer
Congrats on winning the Wood, Wander. Kicky Job

Funny Brother Karzai

Brother Karzai

Funny Hamid Karzai Moustair

Hamid Karzai Moustair

Funny Hillary Clinton and Karzai on a Beach

Hillary Clinton and Karzai on a Beach
Clinton, Karzai put tensions aside
Member reactions:
Cracked me up Nice
What a cute couple-maybe they'll make a movie about their torrid, hot, political love affair. Thanks for the chuckle HIDDEN.
haha funny and cool , i agree with geriatric
Congratulations-really liked your concept & execution.
that's was awesome rwpike , congrats on the bronze and keep going
very good i cracked up looking at this and the blending is superb . congratulations
This is what I call "a chop made with passion". Congrats on the bronze, Pike.

Funny Hamid Karzai Playing Guitar

Hamid Karzai Playing Guitar
Afghanistan's dreams of rock
Member reactions:
Ohhh if only Hey, if any of those fellas really want peace, music is the way

Funny Hamid Karzai Joins Taliban Poster

Hamid Karzai Joins Taliban Poster
Karzai: I Might Join the Taliban
Member reactions:
This Putz is spending your tax dollar. Concept is sound-good luck.

Funny Hamid Karzai

Hamid Karzai

Funny George Bush & Karzai Puppet

George Bush & Karzai Puppet
Karzai: You can call me U.S. puppet

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