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Funny Karl Pictures

Karl Pilkington CaricatureFunny Karl Pilkington Caricature
Member reactions:
Iím no idiot
Nice work BlackXxX . . . I love the depth perspective of the room . . . and everything blends together nicely
thanks geriatric,rajesh..and qtr, i'm appreciate yours compliment..

Karl Slover in the Wizard of OzFunny Karl Slover in the Wizard of Oz
Member reactions:

'Wizard of Oz' Munchkin Karl Slover Dies at 93
Congrats DD, looks so beautiful and perfect...keep it up.
great caricature and great gold, congrats

Ventriloquist Karl RoveFunny Ventriloquist Karl Rove
Member reactions:
Karl Rove had started now a new professional career, the one of ventriloquist.

King Karl RoveFunny King Karl Rove
Member reactions:

That's a scary thought...congrats Allan
Very clean blending. Even the transparent glasses were blended delicately.

Karl Rove DrinkingFunny Karl Rove Drinking
Member reactions:

After a Year of Resignation as Top Adviser and Deputy Chief of Staff. Mr. Karl Still Believe that His Still Mr. Bush 'BEST FRIEND'. Let's Drink to That.
The picture on the bar needs a shadow that matches the shadow of the 2 Glasses.
Sir Babaloo the shadow who mention was the original shadow from the original image.
I've seen this picture before of Algore, this is much better and thanks for the lesson
thanks Hohouse for the kind words. what lesson.
The picture of Hillary needs some work - the perspective is a little off and it's too sharp. Karl Looks good.
Wonder what Hillary did to get her picture on the wall.
rain, maybe hillary is the owner of the bar.. i don't know. tnx.

Cardinal Karl RoveFunny Cardinal Karl Rove
Member reactions:

Cardinal Karl becomes an advisor to the biggest superpower of them all
Clean work. I can see Rove naturally looks good as a cardinal.

Bum Karl RoveFunny Bum Karl Rove
Member reactions:

Can you spare a quarter for a poor old neocon.
The body still looks female, decent work otherwise. The new Republican logo (emu .) on the cloth is a good touch.

Scarecrow Karl RoveFunny Scarecrow Karl Rove
Member reactions:

Maybe he needs a brain.
good image source, just the cloning is still obvious and need to clean up.
Clean work, surprised it's not placed higher.

Psychiatrist Karl RovesFunny Psychiatrist Karl Roves
Member reactions:

She keeps yapping and the RNC will have '08 sewed up tight.
funny idea. but the shadow of karl body and face looks in different direction. a more hi-res file would help sometimes. right now its looks blurry.
so this is the lesson you mention on your comment in my work. well, great revision and just maybe nextime try to look high-res source. it's really help a lot.
Ilike the edited version better - allan made good suggestions.

Painting of Karl RoveFunny Painting of Karl Rove
Member reactions:

Congrats Junka, another great painting
Junka, when it comes to paintings your technique is one of the best on the site. Congratulations with the gold trophy.

Goodbye Karl RoveFunny Goodbye Karl Rove - The mastermind behind the Bush's election campaigns in 2000 and 2004, Presidential top advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove announced his resignation from the White House on Monday. The partnership between Rove and George W. Bush lasted more than three decades, and Bush often called him "President's brain". The resignation follows the series of recent scandals where Rove's name appeared: the trial of Lewis "Scooter" Libby revealed that Rove was one of the White House officials who leaked the name of the CIA officer, Valerie Plame; Rove also refused to testify before Congress about firing of the US attorneys. The President joined Karl Rove in Monday announcement and said that they will always be close friends. To say goodbye to Karl Rove, photoshop him any way you like. Examples may include: Postcards and letters sent to him by any Democrats and Republicans in regard to his resignation, showing the next job of Karl Rove, putting him on magazine covers, or immortalizing him in paintings. Many thanks to Kiko for sponsoring this contest.

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