Karl Pilkington
Karl Pilkington
Karl Pilkington. Member reactions:
What Luciano said. Congrats on the twofer

Funny Neanderthal Karl Malden

Neanderthal Karl Malden
Member reactions:
are we permitted to enter more than one entry into contests. if so that is soooo cool

Funny Karl Malden and Kirk Douglas Selling Hot Dogs

Karl Malden and Kirk Douglas Selling Hot Dogs
As I promised, this is the second in a series of works on the TV series of the 70s I hope that you will appreciate my efforts ... I undertake any work for about three days ....
Member reactions:
Freaking brilliant artwork. Who's the guy on the left.
Just look at all the detail, imagination, and skill. .
That's Karl Malden, Newsy
he is Karl Malden with Michael Douglas in the crime serial "The streets of San Francisco". Also famous for his big nose.
Great chop. Douglas is perfect but Malden needs a little tweaking
Amazing work love it, memories of watching the original series when i was but a kid.
Well done on the caricature front and the finish is really smooth good looks and well deserved entry love it
This is great, I remember watching this in the 70's & you have captured it right down to Carl's nose....
Superb magical colors used with wonderful stuff carried by 2 of them
Thanks for the tip, guys. I need to know more about the 70s shows
Congratulations, Ricky. Super Job. Super Score.
Congrats on the gold. Masterful as always. And to answer your question, I think you distorted Malden a bit too far. He already has extreme character markers in his face so he didn't need much. It might be the jowls are a bit too meaty and mouth overworked..... But hey it was enough to score over anything funkwood or AZ or Salis or any other chopper has done here. So the fans think it is the best chop ever in the history of the site, or for sure in the top couple. So what do I know, I should have kept quiet . Again, congrats on fine work, RT, it is always a treat
Congrats on the gold Ricky. I believe you got the highest score ever on the site

Funny Karl Malden's Giant Nose

Karl Malden's Giant Nose
Member reactions:
This is classic. Nearly no work necessary from original.
I should have shown the original. There was a LOT of work.

Funny Barack Obama as Shrek Reading Karl Marx Book

Barack Obama as Shrek Reading Karl Marx Book
Stop building communism.
Member reactions:
Excellent makeover of Obama face over that freaky creature and the donkey with teeth, smoking pipe is really crazy fellow great chop done really love this

Funny Karl Pilkington Caricature

Karl Pilkington Caricature
Iím no idiot
Member reactions:
Nice work Black ... . . . I love the depth perspective of the room . . . and everything blends together nicely
thanks geriatric,rajesh..and qtr, i'm appreciate yours compliment..

Funny Karl Slover in the Wizard of Oz

Karl Slover in the Wizard of Oz
'Wizard of Oz' Munchkin Karl Slover Dies at 93
Member reactions:
Congrats DD, looks so beautiful and perfect...keep it up.

Funny Minks Attack Karl Lagerfeld

Minks Attack Karl Lagerfeld
Fashion Designer Karl Lagerfeld Defends Fur: Kill 'Beasts' Before They Kill Us
Member reactions:
Clever. Love the articles, especially "Benji is out and tells all"
Bronze for Maxim - the twisted one. Congratulations.

Funny Karl Malden's American Express Card

Karl Malden's American Express Card

Funny Joe Biden With His Spiritual Adviser Karl Marx

Joe Biden With His Spiritual Adviser Karl Marx
"They finally picked me for what..." Joe Biden with his spiritual adviser, captured in paint. Based on "Pope Paul" by Titian 1543
Member reactions:
OMG...it's Pope Joe Carlin Gibbons Santa Claus Biden...
probably should have used some grain or texture on the Biden part
, totally reminds me George Carlin too. Reference to Marx is nice touch Great work.
Not very recognizable in this image, I agree with Jerry.

Funny Goodbye Karl Rove

Goodbye Karl Rove
The mastermind behind the Bush's election campaigns in 2000 and 2004, Presidential top advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove announced his resignation from the White House on Monday. The partnership between Rove and George W. Bush lasted more than three decades, and Bush often called him "President's brain". The resignation follows the series of recent scandals where Rove's name appeared: the trial of Lewis "Scooter" Libby revealed that Rove was one of the White House officials who leaked the name of the CIA officer, Valerie Plame; Rove also refused to testify before Congress about firing of the US attorneys. The President joined Karl Rove in Monday announcement and said that they will always be close friends. To say goodbye to Karl Rove, photoshop him any way you like. Examples may include: Postcards and letters sent to him by any Democrats and Republicans in regard to his resignation, showing the next job of Karl Rove, putting him on magazine covers, or immortalizing him in paintings. Many thanks to Kiko for sponsoring this contest.

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