Waiting for Kanye
Waiting for Kanye
Waiting for Kanye.

Funny Kanye in the white house

Kanye  in the white house
T.I., 50 Cent and More React to Kanye West's White House Visit With Donald Trump
Member reactions:
Like a lot, well done with great imagination.

Funny The Artist Formerly Known as Kanye

The Artist Formerly Known as Kanye
Tafkak: Kanye West: Rapper changes his name to Ye

Funny Kanye and Kim

Kanye and Kim

Funny Kanye's Descent Into Madness

Kanye's Descent Into Madness
Kanye West's 8 Day Mental Breakdown
Member reactions:
Sweet111 congrats on the wood. I am surprised it didn't beat me.
This is really good, has that nice creepy look, Congrats.

Funny Kanye West Wearing a Puffer Fish Necklace

Kanye West Wearing a Puffer Fish Necklace

Funny Kanye West's Election Win Party

Kanye West's Election Win Party
Member reactions:
I like the layout of this but it doesn't look like Kanye.

Funny Kanye West Interrupting Barack Obama

Kanye West Interrupting Barack Obama
Politics is such a circus these days.
Member reactions:
Fight for mike... We will see who speak first. clean work

Funny Kanye West For President

Kanye West For President
full view , please
Member reactions:
Nice illuminated Kanye... he is enriched with powers :0

Funny Kanye West the Idiot Caricature

Kanye West the Idiot Caricature
He makes it so easy. Cool contrast, grain and texture effects were done in Topaz Adjust 4. Topaz Vivacity effects were obtained in Topaz Clean 3. Water effect was done in Flaming Pear's "Flood" EFXs, a free shareware just in case anyone wondered.
Member reactions:
Funky image, thanks for info on how it was done
Excellent work. Thanks for the explanation on how you did the picture.
Wicked, can I borrow some of that fantastic imagination, the chops you come up with. Congrats on the win, love it.
Congrats Hitman. Great chopp'n on a hot topic. Is it the Topaz sharpen edges filter taking to an extreme that creates the squiggled texture on the wall, straitjacket and his face.
Great effect with the water. Particularly around the body.
Thanks be to : Dunce Cap Elegary Doc SS Hobbit, I just sen you a Jar of Imaginomojo DC again Joan Sullishire Young Master Elegary Crafty Christine Zee Doc-tor Ross
Got it Hitspinner, now I have to try and put it at good use. Thanks.
Funny looking snake, Hitman. Looks like a turd snake ...was that purposeful. If so "genius".
Thanks Bob, Thanks SS. SS it is as you think it is. hehehe. You can buy them right next to whoopee cushions. I just added the eye in an effort to make it ambiguous enough to float past Kellie, Mac and Newsy.

Funny Kanye West for President?

Kanye West for President?
Just if we didn't have enough Kanye West jaw-dropping moments, he announced he's running for president in 2020. The rapper did it at the acceptance speech at MTV Video Music Awards. The election is five years from now, so he has enough time to get into politics. Would you vote for Kayne? Kim Kardashian would make an interesting first lady. Photoshop anything related to Kanye West's presidential bid in 2020.

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