Kanye West Chin Head
Kanye West Chin Head
Kanye West Chin Head. heheh
Member reactions:
It's one of the best chops in the contest, but a real pity it's so small
thnx newsmaster....my beginning image is actually very large but i keep trying to resize it accordin to the contest guidelines and it keeps coming out this same size...not sure what i can do.
Try playing with the compression levels. We allow up to 350 KB in image size for uploads. That leaves a lot of room for large sizes - look at other entries - they are quote large.
'Web Save' allows the size (350KB) to be controlled but, you will sacrifice the quality of the image when choosing the 'optimize' option. When in doubt-check with the FN Masters-of-the-Chop. I like your entry-good job.

Funny Kanye West Banned

Kanye West Banned
Kanye West banned in the US over controversial ... album cover
Member reactions:
"I wish ya'll could see how hard I'm smiling right now." (Next chop be sure to get his lower Diamond-studded row of teeth.)High marks-good luck.
Kayne needs to chill out his God-complex a bit before he can be respected for his music instead of his publicity stunts. Great chop

Funny Kanye West Christmas Card

Kanye West Christmas Card
You tell 'em Kanye.

Funny Fun With Kanye West

Fun With Kanye West
He seems to be on a comeback. Hope he has learned a little humility. View everybody large please.
Member reactions:
I'mma let you know my opinion but first... it's superbly well done, and I love the message in this poster.
Congrat HitS.. Where'd you get the idea for the popping eyeballs, .. Great stuff. I like the shattered glass effect of the eyeballs flying thru the glasses, I should've thought of that...heheh Nice exiting bullet effect too.
Congrads Hitman,special effects are a hoot in this one.
Hah, Yeah, I noticed you and I were tracking the same comedy route. Great minds think alike. I guess we must both be big fans of Big Daddy Roth. That guy inspired me with his popping eye illustrations. The eyes are comic relief as an overkill. Just the round going through his skull would have been a bit to grim I think Thanks a bunch
Congrats. No chance on getting smart from this experience though.
She's put a bronze bullet through his brain. Congratulations, Hitman.
really nice effects and cool Idea , congrats on the bronze hitman
Nice chop, really nice. I some how don't think so, given that Kanye West is in the picture... And that the caption is about him... Any hoo... It's really good. Good work.

Funny Arrogance Cologne By Kanye West

Arrogance Cologne By Kanye West

Funny Kanye Jackass West

Kanye Jackass West
Member reactions:
You can dress him up...but he's still just a jackass. (Obama nailed it.) Congrats AZRM.
Tis image is not showing. Just a red X. However I remember it as beeing excellent.
Thanks all We were testing resizing scripts and using this as test pic, hence the red x.
Out-freaking-standing blend. The badge is a nice touch too. Yee Haw.
Bronze for Rainman and Mr. Hee Haw West.

Funny Kanye West with a Snake Microphone

Kanye West with a Snake Microphone

Funny Kimye Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Kimye Kim Kardashian Kanye West
Member reactions:
Decent work, but extreme texture and light difference detracts.

Funny Kanye West by Picasso

Kanye West by Picasso

Funny Kanye West the Donkey at the Grammy Awards Again

Kanye West the Donkey at the Grammy Awards Again
Kanye jumped on the stage this years Grammy Awards, after having pulled a similar stunt last year, earning the ire of President Obama who called him a "Jackass".
Member reactions:
Yep...you peg this guy. What an a$$. Guess that makes you a celebrity these days.

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