tie me kangaroo down sport
tie me kangaroo down sport
tie me kangaroo down sport. Rolf having fun with his roo.. Member reactions:
ha ha ha this is gonna big-time show pal inside ROOM

Funny Killer Kangaroo

Killer Kangaroo
sources. Member reactions:
I think he killed that tree
Trill horror suspense and HD quality chop.Fine detail and flawless, Good luck hidden
Something terrific happened. Deep mistery. Where does blood on his back come from . End of episode 1.

Funny Kangaroo classroom

Kangaroo classroom
. Member reactions:
One of the best chops in the contest. Love the teacher.
It is one of the best chops. Really has a certain draw. Well done

Funny Like a kangaroo

Like a kangaroo
. Member reactions:
Amazing work here Dog looks real without the Half of it

Funny Kangaroo Man

Kangaroo Man
This buddy of mine went on a first date to a kangaroo farm and complained for days about how much the gas and lunch cost... to a kangaroo farm, they're like big lazy rats.. Member reactions:
A new evelotion in the making -- A Kangman Style


. Member reactions:
Thank you Ricky, im your fan... Many thanks andwhat...Good Luck for us.
Excellent presentation of Robotic Kangaroo ...
Pretty cool

Funny Kangaroo Wedding

Kangaroo Wedding
. Member reactions:
A perfect wedding gown for the perfect bride she looks so pretty in this white gown lovely holding of flowers and head band good work
Very Cool nice bride costume looks stunning ready for the marriage

Funny The Spacial Kangaroo

The Spacial Kangaroo
. Member reactions:
After Dogs now its turn of Kangaroo nice space suit fits perfectly to it and very funny to see it fit to the Tail great job... like the little kangaroo with a head protection helmet to it
Super suit for it with Tail postfix

Funny Busking Kangaroo

Busking Kangaroo
. Member reactions:
Very Cool, great work. … Play something "bouncy" and "in the pocket", funky kangaroo …
.Awesome chop. the composition of the background is awesome.all sources mix divinely. I'm always happy to see your work. I'm learning a lot from you.
Awesome look.... perfectly terrific with blue goggles Lovely way to earn more money great chop and perfectly composed the source well done
Kangaroosome Work. **Congratulations on your Win.
congrats "always the number one" bravo funk wonderful gold

Funny Kangaroo Wedding

Kangaroo Wedding
. Member reactions:
Lovely couple... nice suite and wedding gown good fit to them

Funny Kangaroo

This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Kangaroos are amazing animals native to Australia and New Guinea. They mostly move by hopping on two back legs, but they can also walk on all four legs (quite slowly). Kangaroos are the only four legged mammals that can't walk backwards. They are decent swimmers though. Photoshop this kangaroo photo any way you wish. Some examples are - show any of these kangaroos in a new environment, make them perform some stunts, etc. (Image credit: Stephan L)

Funny Kangaroos

This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this photo of kangaroos (image credit: Sheba_Also) any way you wish. Some examples are - dress up these kangaroos, make them appear in famous movies and paintings, use this kangaroo image in billboards, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Kangaroo Animals

Kangaroo Animals
An international team of researchers who were camping in the Foja Mountains of Indonesia, accidentally discovered several new species, the most surprising of them is the world's smallest species of kangaroo that lives in a forest and can climb trees. Most people think of kangaroo as creatures that live on the flat land of Australia, but this one has adapted to forest life in Indonesia. One researcher said about the kangaroo, “It can jump into a tree and scurry right up it, but on the ground it hops around like any kangaroo.” Let's show the scientists kangaroo species yet to be discovered - merge kangaroo with other animals (humans are allowed as "animals" in this contest).

Funny Kangaroo Celebrities

Kangaroo Celebrities
Here's some news from China. A kangaroo in a zoo in Shaanxi Province will have a set of dentures made for her, to help chew food. Zoo keepers have realized the need for kangaroo dentures after they noticed that she lost most of her molar teeth and asked Shaanxi dental experts to make false teeth for the animal. Combine kangaroos with celebrities, politicians, or otherwise famous characters any way you like. Examples may include celebrity looking like kangaroo (with "kangaroo pouch" holding another celebrity, or a baby), or a kangaroo looking like a celebrity (head swap). Show us what anatomy mix you prefer.

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