Sarah Palin Holding a Kalashnikov
Sarah Palin Holding a Kalashnikov
Sarah Palin Holding a Kalashnikov. Member reactions:
Sarah is so Hot she can melt the snow. And it looks like the bear in the background is on fire for her.
Beary interesting Her neck may need to be longer though
Its a combination of BK 47 which fires and Sara which creates Fire good combination of both hots

Funny Ronald McDonald Holding a Kalashnikov

Ronald McDonald Holding a Kalashnikov
Parenthetically, this is not an anti-gun chop. It's just a chop.
Member reactions:
Ha, ha, ha , this is very funny. Be sure to pay the bill when you leave .
Great Marketing strategy... Inviting and threatening both at a time
This may give new meaning to the Drive-By sign.

Funny The Kalashnikov Sanctuary

The Kalashnikov Sanctuary
Member reactions:
Most AK47 used in Middle East... and he got the perfect place for his final resting Good Homage paid with his rifle

Funny Woman Holding a Kalashnikov

Woman Holding a Kalashnikov
(She was originally holding a Coke bottle.)
Member reactions:
Great wk, the orig seems to be B&W, so good job also on the coloring
Nice concept....but how can the AK have a shadow and the woman doesn't. Just wondering......otherwise well done.
Excellent Nice Caricature Quality job done
Love the mid-century typeface.. Also, Nepaguy, I have the answer to your question… I, too, never cast a shadow. I think it's because of my inner glow.
Killer, although the gun has a shadow but she doesn't.
Perfect blending and great way to promote the weapon of destruction good work on shadows
Nicely done LunaC...your the master of Retro.
Thanks to all for the kind comments--and also for pointing out the deficiency in the shadowing. I shoulda done better with that.
We all miss stuff Luna, sometimes so obvious it just whizzes right past us, I know from personal experience.
Congrats on the bronze. Only 6/100 separated us.....
very good "vintage" poster, congrats LunaC

Funny Mary Poppins Holding a Kalashnikov in Paradise

Mary Poppins Holding a Kalashnikov in Paradise
Member reactions:
The hills are alive with the sound of machine guns, da la la da da
Sweet, I can hear the woman saying "Honey, let's go shooting."
Even the weapon will erupt love in air very romantic chop
That would have made for a more interesting movie.

Funny Kalashnikov AK47 Caricature

Kalashnikov AK47 Caricature
Kalashnikov and the machine gun AK47 the shot flowers...
Member reactions:
I've no words.Both caricature and background are wonderful.
Freaking Awesome. Great to see you back My Friend..........Kicking butt with an AK47...Yeah
I agree gr8 caricature and presentation, I see you found an awesome BG that suits perfectly
Drat, I was going to do a caricature of good old Mikhail but you beat me too it, had to change in mid stream. But it all worked out anyway Beautiful job as always, nice to see you back
Cant ask for more Masters job done here..
Good caricature and awesome uniform and atmosphere .
No words for this chop... a great immaginative show seen here Awesome caricature and a perfect tribute given to the great inventor of this century RIP AK.... your weapon protects our earth
Fantastic. Great Comeback Victory RickyT. Love it when your around the conversations pick up dramatically.
Beautiful work---as always. The level of detail is amazing--and the whole image sort of "glows". Great.
Though I can't see Russia from my backyard, I CAN see it in your caricature of this brilliant and humble man. I genuflect before you. What an amazing rendering.
Congrats one the gold cup. You did good...
Sweet win. Congrats on the gold. And a tip of the cap to freaking news for recognizing the beauty in that 3 lb trigger pull. Bravo to all,and keep up the good work.
Congrats on the comeback gold, Ricky. ...and it feels so good to have you back.

Funny Kalashnikov Trubute

Kalashnikov Trubute
I thought a simple dedication would suffice.
Member reactions:
Nice Job Hidden. My first thought was, it might be cool to give Kalashnikov a little OOB action. But that's just me.

Funny Kalashnikov in a Briefcase

Kalashnikov in a Briefcase

Funny France Using Kalashnikovs

France Using Kalashnikovs
the Franch AKlamade47.5
Member reactions:
Great work in putting the rifles in their hands good blending

Funny Rumsfeld, Bush, & Cheney with Kalashnikovs

Rumsfeld, Bush, & Cheney with Kalashnikovs
Rumsfeld, Bush, & Cheney sit casually with AK_47's in front of a back ground of bullets.
Member reactions:
by the way, those are spent shells, not bullets.
Reminds me the poster for the movie "God of War"

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