Chia Kaepernick
Chia Kaepernick
Chia Kaepernick.

Funny Colin Kaepernick Cigar

Colin Kaepernick Cigar

Funny Colin Kaepernick Knee Pads

Colin Kaepernick Knee Pads
Don't just take a knee for the National Anthem...when you can desecrate the flag too. Really hope this backfires on Nike. I, for one, will never buy their stuff again. by the way--every star and stripe was hand drawn.
Member reactions:
Fantastic idea Hidden. Great job, works perfectly with contest.
Darn, thought this was a WINNER, this was "TOPS". Congrats.
Congrats on 5th, I swear I thought this one was TOPS, good job done.

Funny Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick
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thanks ReggieRey.. Cratfty i changed the blurry party please look againto the the larger image to see final work . thanks .

Funny Kaepernick, You Can Change!

Kaepernick, You Can Change!
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Thank you, so much Berdulano, to me we have the best country in the world, wish people would show respect for it, if they don't like it, why don't they leave.

Funny Colin Kaepernick Permanently Benched

Colin Kaepernick Permanently Benched
Kaepernick News
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I like the upper leg chop. You did a good job without being too gory.
Thanks Crafty, Steve, and Gordon, for great comments. Thanks also to Gummy, Wanderer and HH your grats or much appreciated. And special thanks to Hobbit for awesome comments, congrats, and the fav. Made my day.
Your so WELCOME, really do Love this chop, alot of friends upset about this, this is a Fantastic Chop.
Yea it upset me too, then it inspired me to "chop" him, pun intended Thanks Again Hobbit.
, very funny one and well done. Athletes are often not the brightest pennies in the pile. So just evaluate the source. Congrats mate
Thanks Hit for the congrats. Lol jocks not brightest pennies

Funny King Kong Eats Colin Kaepernick

King Kong Eats Colin Kaepernick
NFC Championship - 49ers at Seahawks: San Francisco faces Seattle's 12th Man The featured snack is San Francisco Quarter Back Colin Kaepernick
Member reactions:
Good work and I love this danger KING KONG
Impressive professional work. The bitten off hands are gross but add up to the composition nicely.
Nice view of 12th Man in care of KingKONG
Great Job, both winners, go Hawks, bring home the bacon.
Congrats on the bronze D-dog, nice chopping I take it you're a Seahawks fan good luck.
Poured the concrete in the stadium they play in.

Funny Kaepernick's quicksand

Kaepernick's quicksand

Funny Kaepernick's no sweat socks

Kaepernick's no sweat socks

Funny Colin Kaepernick Crayola Ad

Colin Kaepernick Crayola Ad

Funny Colin Kaepernick "Just Do It"

Colin Kaepernick
Nike selected former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick as the face of its "Just Do It" campaign, with his own branded line including shoes, shirts, jerseys and more. The disgraced ex-NFL quarterback led a national crusade to disparage the national anthem and law enforcement. A man who once wore socks depicting cops as pigs and embraced Fidel Castro. Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad thinks Colin Kaepernick is a great American. Photoshop what other products and companies Colin Kaepernick may endorse now to keep making a living. Who will sign ad contracts with Colin next? Choose any product or create a new product that uses Kaepernick as the spokesperson. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on the Colin Kaepernick, visit this link

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