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Funny Junkie Pictures

Junk Food Junkie Raccoon BanditFunny Junk Food Junkie Raccoon Bandit
Member reactions:
Be afraid, be very afraid
the Enterprise ship powering the snowboard.
Another fantastic image in a tougher then tough competition; hilarious artistry HS.

Adrenaline JunkieFunny Adrenaline Junkie
Member reactions:

Great entry, but text edges are too rough.
Check your font, the edges are real jagged.
Yeah...smooth or strong is the way to go on Anti-Alias.
Hey I heard Rush Limbaugh say that the other day. He talked about it for a few minutes.
I forgot to add I liked it and agreeded to that 100 %.

Junkie ToyFunny Junkie Toy
Member reactions:
The description in the image says it all. 'May have to Full View to read it.

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