Junior Avengers
Junior Avengers
Junior Avengers.

Funny Kim and Junior

Kim and Junior
Member reactions:
Ha, hit in back o head with 2x6. Love it.

Funny Jared Kushner Senior by Johannest Vermeer Junior

Jared Kushner Senior by Johannest Vermeer Junior

Funny Viper Junior

Viper Junior
Member reactions:
Congrats on the short woody Denlig. nlig.
One word - perfect. Congrats on the wood, Denlig.

Funny Junior Tycoon with a Cigar

Junior Tycoon with a Cigar
Meet your new boss.
Member reactions:
Heeey Mate, Congrats on the Silver, briliant job
Totally love the retro "Monopoly-like" style here. Congrats on the silver, Luna.

Funny Tom Cruise And Tom Junior

Tom Cruise And Tom Junior
Member reactions:
Cruise is one of the best subject for this type of contests. .
Bronze Congratulations, PCR.. Super clean chop..
pcrdds.... Congrats... Ive never seen Tom more attractive,, and his little boy so cute,,rather advanced but adorable
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Andrew. Thanks, UncleChamp. Thanks, Miss pree...Tom's kids are always advanced.
Daddy Tom looks like a goofy redneck here, . Congrats on the bronze, Paul.

Funny Junior Tennis

Junior Tennis
Junior Watch
Member reactions:
Very cool chop and effects but I'm not sure if your link is correct because when the page comes up there is no feature story, just a navigqaqtional page for the website.

Funny Hellboy Junior

Hellboy Junior
Member reactions:
Good poster work, and excellent choice of a baby face source - it's freaking hilarious and famous.

Funny George Bush Junior

George Bush Junior
Member reactions:
Shadow under chin not terribly realistic.

Funny Mrs Leno and Jay Junior

Mrs Leno and Jay Junior

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