Obama the Juggler Drops His Balls
Obama the Juggler Drops His Balls
Obama the Juggler Drops His Balls. Member reactions:
His expression makes me think he is losing his balls.

Funny Solar Juggler

Solar Juggler

Funny The Surreal Juggler

The Surreal Juggler
Member reactions:
Another great work, but why balls and lamps don't produce shadows .
What can I say, I love the space you created in this build. A real gem. I knew it would be in the running
Congrats, Hobbit. A lot of excellent details.

Funny Obama The Earth Juggler

Obama The Earth Juggler
Member reactions:
Great...but.... top earth shouldn't be in front of his head .
Cool Jogger on the Moon, I guess that moon is quite bigger than the Earth is LoL
Love how you did the motion effect. I like how the "Earths" are with vivid colors here, almost glowing.
nice work.. Love seeing Obama juggle his balls

Funny Freaky Steampunk Sideshow Juggler

Freaky Steampunk Sideshow Juggler
Member reactions:
Great job. I love the funky perspective you used.
Very creative,freaky and fabulous.Nice work
Is that Newsmaster in the paper. What he do this time. I'd delete the aura around the eyes and use motionblur instead. Great work though.
Thanks pcrdds, Thanks andwhat, and jeremix Thank you, there is actually both radial blur and motion blur on both the eyeballs and the aura I just now added a little more to the eyeballs, however, I've made several edits after merging the aura, so it's a keeper
For some reason this chop really caught my eye. Nice Work... Good Luck Hidden...
Freaking idea Eye in the hand, nice thinking Great job done
The King of stocks turned all them into a wonderful chop.... great composition of the stocks and majestic job done on this image really wonderful to see the Eyeballs hovering around with a freaky mouth open wide and staring us Full Marks to this
Thank you SplatShot, Thank you balodiya, and many Thanks to you rajeshstar you are the King of Comments.
Yeh its so freaky and brilliant work. Great detail in each pixel and fantastic concept funny teeth and crazy ambiance at Headquarter
Grats on winning silver, G. Still not sure about the eyes, but a great chop nontheless. Especially the dog.
Luv the perspective Qt. Grats on the silver.
TONS of work and skills in this freak chop. Congrats on the silver, Bill. the newspaper.
Thank you kindly everyone much appreciated.

Funny Christmas Ornament Juggler

Christmas Ornament Juggler

Funny Space Juggler

Space Juggler
Member reactions:
Congrats on silver Xaos. Nice colourful piece.
Congrats Xaos You really have to see full size to appreciate it folks.
You are definately a top chopper Xaos, congrats on the win.

Funny Juggler Juggling Bombs

Juggler Juggling Bombs

Funny Juggler Juggling Globes

Juggler Juggling Globes

Funny The Juggler by Magritte

The Juggler by Magritte

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