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Funny Jug Pictures

Jug BandFunny Jug Band
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JugFunny Jug
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Jugs Made From AmmoFunny Jugs Made From Ammo
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Creative work, icecream congratulations on the gold.

Jug OrganFunny Jug Organ
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Jug Bug on TreeFunny Jug Bug on Tree
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A new Kind of Bug
I love the idea. but i would've scored you higher if you had a cast shadow from the bug to the tree.
. Nice edit. It looks much better now. I like the addition of the wings.

Last Supper with New JugFunny Last Supper with New Jug
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Nice job integrating the item into the original painting, shadows look good.
Agreed with Registered, but dare I suggest that the angle could be a bit steeper on the shadow., if you look at the guys shadow the light source seems quite high
guess it's a matter of opinion thanks for the imput and votes to all.
Nice. but the jug has 2 shadows and only one light source.

Antique Jug SwordsFunny Antique Jug Swords
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Ancient Egyptian Warriors and Bill Clinton used these swords to chop up their enemies.
add a shadow on the guy and swords... good job and idea
you changed the theme on this about 5 times... this one looks a lot better
I Like it. Very Inventive. (maybe having the crest mounted on a brick wall or something would look cool.)

Being Knighted With a JugFunny Being Knighted With a Jug
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Antique Jug Teapot and CupsFunny Antique Jug Teapot and Cups
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Dang. You beat me to it. But I probably could've never made it this awesome
Good comment & good work, your cups could do with a little work one's overlapping a bit & maybe improve the perspective on them., sort of make the further ones a touch smaller or maybe a little darker, think it would give it more depth IMO

Woman Playing a Jug GuitarFunny Woman Playing a Jug Guitar
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This is a work from Woutermeister.

Antique JugFunny Antique Jug - Photoshop this antique jug image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Examples may include merging this antique jug with some objects or animals; placing the antique jug into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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