Bouguereau Girl Drinking from an Invisible Jug
Bouguereau Girl Drinking from an Invisible Jug
Bouguereau Girl Drinking from an Invisible Jug. Member reactions:
I don't know what the original looks like, but I get the idea of it.
Another by my favourite artist. Good job.
Beautiful and clean work, love the way she look, its awesome
she is missing here bottle here good work

Funny Jug Band

Jug Band

Funny Jug


Funny Jugs Made From Ammo

Jugs Made From Ammo
Member reactions:
Creative work, icecream congratulations on the gold.

Funny Jug Organ

Jug Organ

Funny Jug Bug on Tree

Jug Bug on Tree
A new Kind of Bug
Member reactions:
I love the idea. but i would've scored you higher if you had a cast shadow from the bug to the tree.
. Nice edit. It looks much better now. I like the addition of the wings.

Funny Last Supper with New Jug

Last Supper with New Jug
Member reactions:
Nice job integrating the item into the original painting, shadows look good.
Agreed with Registered, but dare I suggest that the angle could be a bit steeper on the shadow., if you look at the guys shadow the light source seems quite high
guess it's a matter of opinion thanks for the imput and votes to all.
Nice. but the jug has 2 shadows and only one light source.

Funny Antique Jug Swords

Antique Jug Swords
Ancient Egyptian Warriors and Bill Clinton used these swords to chop up their enemies.
Member reactions:
add a shadow on the guy and swords... good job and idea
you changed the theme on this about 5 times... this one looks a lot better
I Like it. Very Inventive. (maybe having the crest mounted on a brick wall or something would look cool.)

Funny Being Knighted With a Jug

Being Knighted With a Jug

Funny Antique Jug Teapot and Cups

Antique Jug Teapot and Cups
Member reactions:
Dang. You beat me to it. But I probably could've never made it this awesome
Good comment & good work, your cups could do with a little work one's overlapping a bit & maybe improve the perspective on them., sort of make the further ones a touch smaller or maybe a little darker, think it would give it more depth IMO

Funny Antique Jug

Antique Jug
Photoshop this antique jug image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Examples may include merging this antique jug with some objects or animals; placing the antique jug into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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