Judge Droid
Judge Droid
Judge Droid. Sources
Member reactions:
Grats Matt, I dig those green laser beams. Next time I do a chop that requires such, I'm gonna copy them.

Funny Tell it to the Judge

Tell it to the Judge

Funny Donald Trump U B the Judge

Donald Trump U B the Judge

Funny Judge Judy Obama

Judge Judy Obama

Funny Trick Or Treat Judge

Trick Or Treat Judge
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Thanks hobbit
The small hands are a great touch. Love this.
Awesome work great job with the hands. Congrats on the Gold.
Congrats. This one's a laugher. Love the curly powdered wig and Obama's face. Hysterical.
Thanks LunaC and UncleChamp. I laughed out loud after compiling it. Appreciated 👍🏼🍻
Thanks MsgtBob and hobbit I'm pleased I could get a chuckle well chuffed to win.

Funny Judge, Jury and Executioner

Judge, Jury and Executioner

Funny Strict judge

Strict judge

Funny Freaking Judge

Freaking Judge
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the water and octopus are coming out of the computer. It's a play on the entries are realistic are.

Funny The New Supreme Court Judges

The New Supreme Court  Judges

Funny The Judge

The Judge
Member reactions:
Great job. One suggestion: the chain for her badge(.) should be partially visible under her hair on the right side (her left)of her neck area.
Fantastic caricature work and great FN tribute. I love the new trophy size.
Thanks SS, Steve and Bob.
Congrats on the silver Hits,great caricature work
Congrats on the cup, Hitman. Her eyes are absolutely spellbinding.
TY Bob, Andrew, Andwhat, Gummy and SS. Yeah man, she is a pretty lady no matter what I did to her. It is about time to start another selfie thread so that we have newer photos of FN choppers to chop. If anyone wants to start that, jump right on in.
I think I am a little off the likeness mark with this chop. I had the one source and it was...eeehhh, so-so. It helps with more than one photo do conduct a more comprehensive study.
Congrats on the silver, Hits. Who is she though.
Source It was in a file labeled with numbers and "Judge". ...Seemed like fair game to chop
That trophy is the wrong colour, close though . Look good on the mantel piece. Well played Hitsy
Thanks Hobbit and PSH. Actually the trophy is a mix of gold, silver and bronze, pretty much as I intended it. I was aiming for a generalized presentation.

Funny Judge Celebrities

Judge Celebrities
If you could elevate a celebrity, politician or any "famous face" to being a Judge who would it be? Show us your Judges.

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