Jude Law at the Dentist
Jude Law at the Dentist
Jude Law at the Dentist. Member reactions:
Looks real. Great, old background, hidden.

Funny Old Jude Law

Old Jude Law
Member reactions:
Lovely birthday present.... His maturity shows on his face good work on the filters used on the face and the details were well defined good job
Its really express lot of things good caricature
Interesting chop he looks a bit like a partly shaven and deranged A. Lincoln

Funny Jude Law with His Dog

Jude Law with His Dog
Member reactions:
Great caricature.... done on the face and the Dog staring at the candle looks bit funny well done on this chop Nice background and good lighting source over the image
Ha ha ha this is amazing work, nice caricature and the Doggie is awesome, money in hand is perfect and the light is very much required for the B'day party concept I like it very much
Awesome Phenomenon job done here nice and cute doggie good lighting effects
Some nice work on this, hidden it's a bit dark on my screen, not sure I'm seeing a strong likeness, and the contrast of light &dark is so drastic on his body compared to the rest.
Nice work Black Silver congrats. Gotta agree with moon about the likeness...I was having a few of the same problems...Great attempt though.
Thanks to all..QTR, actually I having problem with the lighting for this image, it is because of the source image for the body. This image had a very strong light and i don't know how to make it fit with the others. I'm still study about the lighting effect. I will do better next time.

Funny Happy Birthday Jude Law

Happy Birthday Jude Law
full view please.....
Member reactions:
The inner urge erupts out from the desires from oneself good work done in projecting this lovely work done
Fantastic chop very interesting use of his face and cool effects

Funny Jude Law as Dr. Watson

Jude Law as Dr. Watson
Member reactions:
Great caricature... Love the Gun it was awesome and the bottle of wine is mouthwatering good one
Outstanding work, great reflections and the face is so perfect to him
Very nicely done, hidden my only nitpicks would be that the head looks a bit pasted on at the neck area, and the perspective angle of the bottle doesn't quite match that of the desktop and pistol. High marks, nonetheless.
Thanks guys & I appreciate your critiques moon. But my main concerns were with the caricature itself. He has a very difficult face to caricaturize. (probably cause he's good looking and young...Older not so good looking people are easier) I started and trashed a couple attempts, left it overnight, slept on it and quickly finished it the next day, but was still unsatisfied.
Yeah, I know exactly what you mean I had tried my hand at him once before in a Sherlock Holmes chop , but had a much easier time with Downey, Jr., and only wound up with a very slight caricature on Jude Law's Watson, more of a slight exaggeration of his original expression he's a tough one, for sure.

Funny Watson Jude Law

Watson Jude Law
really Sherlock

Funny Jude Law Rock Formation

Jude Law Rock Formation
Member reactions:
well done with the source.. and the Rock formation done using his pic is very good.... love the water fall from his head

Funny Jude Law as Nanny McPhee

Jude Law as Nanny McPhee
Member reactions:
Beautiful chop. very nice representation with starry background I like it

Funny Jude Law in Prison

Jude Law in Prison
He broke a few hearts, he deserved to go to jail
Member reactions:
Looks like I know him...ohh yeh his my room-mate there

Funny Jude Law with Mother

Jude Law with Mother
Member reactions:
very well done, the work with this color mix and the look of both were done good
Freaking Awesome expressions and fantastic classic work

Funny Jude Law

Jude Law
British actor and womanizer Jude Law celebrated his 40th birthday last Saturday. After many small roles in British movies, Law became widely known internationally after his breakthrough role in "The Talented Mr. Ripley", for which he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Then came many Hollywood roles, including "A.I.", "Cold Mountain", "The Aviator". Law's recent role of Dr. Watson in "Sherlock Holmes" saga is his one of the most famous and successful roles yet. Jude Law is also famous for having an affair with his nanny - the scandal broke way before Schwarzenegger's nanny affair became known. Jude also the face of the male perfume of Dior, and appeared in numerous advertisements for Dunhill, as well as anti-fur adverts by PETA. We wish Jude a happy 40th birthday and many great roles ahead! To mark the 40th birthday of Jude Law, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny Jude Law

Jude Law
Award winning English actor Jude Law celebrates his 35th birthday today. We know Jude by his many roles, but he really rose to fame after playing Dickie Greenleaf in "The Talented Mr. Ripley". Since then Jude Law starred in "Cold Mountain", "Closer", "The Holiday", and many other movies, including his latest role in "Sleuth" (2007) where he was both an actor and a producer. To mark the 35th birthday of Jude Law, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: showing what other professions he could have chosen; what movies he could have played in, designing a sequel to any of his movies; immortalizing Jude in paintings and statues, etc.

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