Milla Jovovich as Sweeney Todd
Milla Jovovich as Sweeney Todd
Milla Jovovich as Sweeney Todd.

Funny Milla Jovovich Bobblehead

Milla Jovovich Bobblehead
Member reactions:
You missed some hair in the background to the right side of her face. Nice source.
looks perfect among one of the entries submitted good one

Funny Milla Jovovich as the Raven

Milla Jovovich as the Raven
Member reactions:
Amazing work here, fantastic wings and colors, good luck
Excellence. ^^^^
Fantastic excellent source used and the blended of it is really appreciated wonderful you created an icon good job
Simply Off The Hook Rain Man.

Funny Milla Jovovich with a Gun Underwater

Milla Jovovich with a Gun Underwater
resident marine
Member reactions:
The under and above the water difference really makes this composition. Love how you added jellyfish
Good entree, mate, and congrats on the woody.
Excellent work Ricky congrats on the woody...
complimenti, sinceramente meritavi di più, il lavoro al secondo e terzo posto presentano numerosi errori anche grossolani, soprat. nell'applicazione delle texture sul volto e sul corpo,come sempre molte volte vince la quantità sulla qualità.. amazing work, congratulation, i love the light the blending in this pictures good
gooooooo italy, congrats Ricky, beautiful piece.
Congrats on the wood, Ricky. Could you please write in lowercase letters, not in capital ones.
Ma questo è fantastico... l'effetto del pelo d'acqua.. .. ma come hai potuto non vincere il primo premio.

Funny Milla Jovovich with a Gun and a Doberman

Milla Jovovich with a Gun and a Doberman
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awesome the doberman..and she's so fine...

Funny Milla Jovovich on the Walk of Fame

Milla Jovovich on the Walk of Fame

Funny Milla Jovovich In Africa

Milla Jovovich In Africa
based upon this source
Member reactions:
Deeply-rooted in originality and subtlety; Good luck.
Congrats on Da gold Jeremix.. great chop
A true freaking work of art here. Created with so many sources to bri8ng them into such harmony - the whole thing feels like it belongs together. very creative.
Jere is very pleased. Getting back into the game should always start off like this. Luckely i had a lot of already cut out pictures still laying around that i could use, because i started with some six hours till closing..decided not to eat or go to the bathroom to get it done in time...glad it paid off. I did spot a lot of tiny masking issues just now, mainly in the smoke. Maybe one day i'll clean it up a bit more and add some more leafs and stuff. we'll see.
Excellent work and congrats on this amazing piece of work
annnnnnd look who got back on the track .. amazing come back jere, moody and definitely a piece of beauty, congrats on the gold mr. Netherlands
It's not just that the work here was superb, JJJ. It's that you take risks with your work and do things 'different' all of the time. Truly an artist are you.
Thanks alot Doxie. The fires are beginning to get a bit repetitious though, but i just like them too much.
Belated congrats, Jere. You da man. Glad you see you again, Flying Dutchman.

Funny Tribute to Milla Jovovich

Tribute to Milla Jovovich
Resources here Full view is a must here .. I'm kinda happy to join this contest.. Milla is one of my fav actresses ;p so.. Happy 35 years of happiness Milla
Member reactions:
This is the freaking BOMB. Congratulations on the gold.
... deaddog my man .. u made my day with this comment srsly.. u made me laugh man but it's not over yet .
wooooooow it's freaking awesome great work here ..
... Excellent work... Trust me it's over...
Thanx B4B Hamid and geriatric appreciate it .. i really do
awesome chop man... agreed on all sides..freakin awesome...
Thanx i hope i win.. cuz till now the result doens make me satisified *_*
Congrats on Da Bronze daJunior.. Great chop
The effects are selling this picture for me.
Mad max on acid. Like all the effects here. Grats on the third place.
I really didn't mean to leave my original message 3 times but the site was running slow and I got ... ed and hit enter like 50 times. Good thing it only came out 3 times. My prediction was right.......... the voters were blind. Also..... extra points for providing sources as most of the time it hard to determine what was done and what was source.
Thanx everyone . and see deaddog .. told ya. i got #3 not 1 . and this wasn't expected *_* anyway ..maybe in another chance ^^" Thanx again 4 ur kind comments
This deserved more. A great job sent to a poor third place. Congratulations on the beautiful place. Do not worry that gold will soon come, I hope.
Thanx TaitaViracocha ^^ i hope and will have it soon

Funny Milla Jovovich Manga at a Party

Milla Jovovich Manga at a Party
Please View Full Sources
Member reactions:
Clean work. this should have scored and placed higher. Not easy to recognize Milla here though, maybe that's why...
Thanks Newsy... I am just getting the hang of caricatures and the manga effect, that is why she looks so different, but I will get the hang of it someday (I hope)...

Funny Milla Jovovich Playing Golf

Milla Jovovich Playing Golf
Member reactions:
I'm gettin' the Little People Of America after you, hidden dude.
hahaha, pcrdds. She makes a nice lil person here. This should have scored way higher. love the groundhog

Funny Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich
American model, actress, musician, and fashion designer Milla Jovovich is celebrating her 35th birthday this Friday. Over her career, she has appeared in a number of science fiction and action themed films, for which music channel VH1 has referred to her as the "reigning queen of kick-butt". Here are some interesting facts about Milla: * She is a smoker, and an active supporter of the legalization of Cannabis, and even appeared in a spread for High Times magazine. * Milla practices yoga and meditates often in attempts to live a healthy lifestyle. * While filming the movie Dazed and Confused, Milla Jovovich eloped with actor Shawn Andrews in Las Vegas. It was 1992 and a few months before she turned seventeen. Since she was only sixteen at the time, her mother had the marriage annulled. * Milla was born in Kiev, Ukraine, USSR, in 1975. Her father is a Serbian pediatrician, from Belgrad Serbia. Her mother is Russian stage actress Galina Jovovich. * She is left-handed. * Jovovich performed almost all of her own stunts in Resident Evil. Happy Birthday, Milla! We wish you many great roles ahead! To mark the 35th birthday of Milla Jovovich, photoshop her any way you wish.

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