Funny Inverted Journey

Inverted Journey
Member reactions:
I was, am saying the same thing. I almost fell over and Im sitting down.
Innovative, clean and a pleasure to view.
Lovin' this . . . great work hidden . . . especially love the seagull in the foreground and that there's people looking out of the train, super cool
Thanks every one for the really cool comments.
Another winner IMB . . . really cool chop crusader

Funny Canadian Journey

Canadian Journey
Think I hear something eh.
Member reactions:
...ya think
nice lighting and composition jman... maybe they should move, eh. heheh
Me likes. Thanks for another entertaining piece, jman.

Funny Old Men on a Journey

Old Men on a Journey

Funny Twin Journey on a Raft

Twin Journey on a Raft
Member reactions:
Very nice Pree. Just wondering if you have an old couch on your pontoon.

Funny The Camels Journey Home

The Camels Journey Home
I am very new at photoshop, and this is my first entry. I welcome and comments
Member reactions:
Not bad for a first entry, welcome onboard
Awesome. You got talent...keep it up. P.S. maybe the furthest camel is too faded.
Pretty cool for the first entry. Big welcome to Freaking News.

Funny Journey 2

Journey 2
Member reactions:
Nice one. Just lose that black shadow(.) from his head to the turkey.

Funny Journey 2

Journey 2

Funny The Bluebird: An Unexpected Hobbit Journey

The Bluebird: An Unexpected Hobbit Journey
The Bluebird: An Unexpected Journey: Now in theaters.
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha ha I am out of my mind... this is really freaking idea hidden... I love it
I am expecting the same while scrolling down this image... a Great Mustache attached to the Blue Bird Very funny and Hilarious

Funny Baseball Journey to Greatness

Baseball Journey to Greatness
He spent too many years, waiting for Acceptance into the Major Leagues.
Member reactions:
At least he made a positive contribution and is remembered. Cool work & concept.

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