Korean Troll, Kim Jong Un
Korean Troll, Kim Jong Un
Korean Troll, Kim Jong Un. Kim Jong Un
Member reactions:
Awesome work SplatS, makes the perfect Troll.
Thanks, Uncle-C. His father would be so proud.
Thanks, Gummy. The only thing I can think of is that it's too perfect and doesn't look like a build.

Funny Kim Jong Un Justice of the Peace

Kim Jong Un Justice of the Peace

Funny Kim Jong Joker

Kim Jong Joker

Funny Kim Jong Trumpet

Kim Jong Trumpet
Member reactions:
Nice Job, Hidden. After staring at these for a while, our eyes do tricky about what they want to see.
lighten up your monitor ,, it can help you see the Masking
and tuck it in a little more, from that angle you wouldn't see as much as the other side. in my humble opinion
Thanks Peeps,it's not me Monitor it's me eyes.

Funny Kim Jong Old

Kim Jong Old

Funny Kim Jong UnNose

 Kim Jong UnNose
You don't need to vote on this ,but I wanted to join in on the fun. I love this face..
Member reactions:
...looks like he'd bite your dang finger given half a chance. kudos.
I'm with you Silvercanine, crisp n clear, wonderful work..

Funny Kim Jong un

Kim Jong un

Funny Kim Jong Brando

Kim Jong Brando

Funny Kim Jong Un Travel

Kim Jong Un Travel

Funny Kim Jong Un Dressed as a Little Girl

Kim Jong Un Dressed as a Little Girl
Member reactions:
This is superb. I can't believe I missed seeing this looking over the entries. One of your very best Congrats on a cup in one tough contest...
Congrats for the wood and this cool chop...looks like Miss UN takes her bouquets very seriously.
Congrats, Hobbit. Great result to be a winner in the big contest like this.
Freaking hysterical. Congrats on the wood, Hobbit.
I bet his handlers don't let him see this one.
Thanks all, he makes a good little girl, a lot better then a leader.

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