Jonathan Banks
Jonathan Banks
Jonathan Banks. Member reactions:
This is also fabulous Pree. Love this guy. I remember his role as the body guard/hit man in Beverly Hills Cop.
I thought this was a cup entry, congrats preemie.

Funny Jonathan Winters Smiley Face Emoticon

Jonathan Winters Smiley Face Emoticon
The Greatest
Member reactions:
Jonathan and a straitjacket are a good fit. Kewl Choppage. The BG and lighting raise the pic a notch or two above.
Great shot... big eyes and the craziest smile to get himself free is really worth watching well done
congrats hits. really expressive. looked at it for quite a while. an excellent choice of subject.
I figured out of the 6 I did this one and Mick Jagger had the best possibilities. The Jagger one, I figured had the edge... wrong again. Hehe I am beginning to think that I don't think like the group. Many thanks Doc, Jere, Splatshot, Luciano, eric, Deaddog and Hobbit. Happy holidays to one and all. Was a good contest, so many great entries
Congrats and Merry Christmas Hitspinner.
So, I guess this really isn't just a self-portrait. Congrats on the Wood.
Excellent work, I just wish it looked more like a photo in the light of the contest. Still a top job. Congrats on the wood, Hits.
All I did was sharpen with a little Topaz. The original source was all grainy and textured.

Funny Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters Together And Young Again

Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters Together And Young Again
Robin Williams adored Jonathan Winters and said many times that Winters was his mentor. They spent a lot of time together. Both excelled at both Comedy and Drama.
Member reactions:
They were both living caricatures, pacovilla...constantly stretching and contorting their faces as they performed. Hence, I felt it was important to caricature them.
Good soul departed
Truly touching, Doc. Those two were peas in a pod. Bronze congrats

Funny Jonathan Winters as a Woman

Jonathan Winters as a Woman
Member reactions:
Congrats on the gold, hobbit. The first out of 91 entries - what a race.
Now you have mega bragging rights young lady............. Top cup out of 91 great entries... You are a master goddess of choppage. Big congrats Hobbit
congratulations Hobbit.... she/he is a buettt..

Funny Jonathan Trappe Going Down on Balloon in the Ocean

Jonathan Trappe Going Down on Balloon in the Ocean
Balloonist Jonathan Trappe Abandons Flight
Member reactions:
Good idea and composition. I would replace the clipart with a real water image.

Funny Jonathan Winters with a Shark Mouth

Jonathan Winters with a Shark Mouth

Funny Tribute To Jonathan Winters

Tribute To Jonathan Winters
Jonathan Winters dies I was very fortunate to have met Jonathan Winters about two years ago, when he exhibited his artwork in a gallery in my town. He was gracious, humble...and yes...very, very funny. R.I.P. Jonathan. Pictured, is one of Jonathan Winters' paintings.
Member reactions:
Perfect. Love the concept and story to accompany the image. I remember him on the Ed Sullivan show and thought he was nuts.
Nice painting Fantastic execution Best of luck
good show of all his paintings under one canvas RIP good chop...
Amazing floating pictures and wonderful wings great concept in final painting of him
Thanks, Tim. Yes, that he was...and, a great dramatic actor as well.
Congrats on the Bronze, Paul he was special in so many ways a good long life at 87 Lots of Funny
Thanks, Billy Mac. Yes, he was wonderful.

Funny Jonathan Winters Caricature

Jonathan Winters Caricature
Comedian Jonathan Winters dies at 87 BEST VIEW
Member reactions:
Thank you gentlemen I've had the grand fortune of talking candidly with Jonathan, several times over the past 30 years or so I had him talk to my parents over the phone on one occasion which, of course gave them the thrill of a lifetime being huge fans from a small town. I spoke with him last a little less than a year ago in Carpenteria, California near his home, and even though I could see he wasn't doing so well, he still came up with a couple of zingers that had me giggling like the little kid who has loved him all these years Rest in Peace, and keep em' laughing, Jonathan Love to Love Ya. P.S. the reflection in his goggles is that of one of his paintings
Thanks for that background, hidden. RIP Jonathan
Fantastic Great job done, Nice to see the piegon flying and the mask in the sky best of luck
Greatest caricature.... fantastic view from behind and good texture done on his face RIP well done
I think I liked the cloud reflections in the goggles more, hidden. Nicely done.
Great win for a great tribute. Until I saw this I had not realized he had passed.
Many thanks to everyone and thanks also for the birthday wishes, much appreciated. love you always, Jonathan

Funny Jonathan Winters Smurffed

Jonathan Winters Smurffed
Jonathan Winters dies With all due respect to one of the worlds greatest comedians. R.I.P.
Member reactions:
So he went to hell... good chop with fantastic lighting effects to make the New Jersey like situation
rajeshstar, I sure hope he didn't go to New Jersey for real. I was just being funny with this little out of bounds chop.
Although there is little difference between the two but I take it that the substitution of the word "HE11" for New Jersey is just the forum's cuss filter in action.

Funny Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Jonathan Livingston Seagull
See full please, And how many of you out there remember this book.
Member reactions:
If I admit to knowing the book, it would be like admitting my age... but I like this. Nice embossed poster feel Small masking error where 'roost' comes out of bottom roll -- easily fixed.
Shame. What's that. I don't comprehend the concept ...
Hahahahahaa what are you two going on about... Cracking me up. I read the book, it's awesome like the chop. Nice tribute to a classic.
My Dad took me to see the movie when it came out...weird stuff.
Must admit I have never read the book but I heard about it many times, my friends have read it. Your chop tempts me into reading it.

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