Joker. Member reactions:
Top Notch classic photoshopping, and right in line with some of Time's past picks. Lol
Agreed, Class AAA choppage worthy of publication

Funny `Return of the Joker`

`Return of the Joker`
Return of the Joker

Funny Joker Queen Nicholson

Joker Queen Nicholson
Member reactions:
Unusual decision. Different from all. Like it.
Oh well But I have grown rather weary and uninspired probably of no one's fault but my own.

Funny Joker In the White House

Joker In the White House
Trump visits White House for first time as president-elect

Funny Joker

Member reactions:
Brilliantly funny. The word is spelled JOKER, there is no "C"
Nanny. This had gold all over it just for the laugh factor alone. I love it. Would make a great poster Luciano.
I've used this source image before,and you did a great job blending it Luciano

Funny Kim Jong Joker

Kim Jong Joker

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger the Joker

Arnold Schwarzenegger the Joker
Original Arnold Schwarzenegger picture
Member reactions:
Cool chop, but a bit hard to recognize Arnie
Thank you for everyone. Yes, Newsy. I wanted to point that it is difficult to be recognized.^^

Funny The Joker Caricature

The Joker Caricature
Member reactions:
I was saying....but .....then I saw Batman. Love it.
Very stylish joker chop. Yes, Jack Nicholson is my fav joker too. Congrats on top 5.
Yeah, you are not the first but Slap- slap- slap. Snap out of it. I think the same thing nearly every week. Not every voter understands or recognizes the huge gap between good skills and great skills in some chops. And sometimes they just yearn for a different change of style. That is why I mix it up so much. The Jesus was actually a total afterthought. Then I got to thinking, he11, why not enter it. It is always some degree of a crap shoot when you enter these things. Your chops were excellent, Marco.... just one of those voter flukes. I am just as confused
This was one of those rare but great contest, where as it turned out 6 excellent images including both of yours had a chance to win it all, right down to the last voter. So I have to agree with Hit-man. Snap out of Marco...and come back bigger and badder than ever before.

Funny Alien Practical Joker in a Loch Ness Monster Submarine

Alien Practical Joker in a Loch Ness Monster Submarine
Member reactions:
Nice one Dr Paul. You always add a humorous angle to everything you do. Congrats
Top Job, Paul. I always knew aliens were pranksters Congrats on the silver.

Funny Joker by Candle Light

Joker by Candle Light
Member reactions:
joker is a movie chracter but which movie is there of only him i only know there is batman movies
Be carefull you are about to burn your jewels.

Funny Joker Celebrities

Joker Celebrities
Los Angeles woke up to a big surprise today - unidentified groups of people have posted a massive number of posters on LA streets featuring President Barack Obama as Heath Ledger's "Joker" character from the Dark Knight. The caption under the posters says "Socialist". The authors and distributors of the poster are not known, but rumor has it these posters will soon appear in other cities across the USA. Obama Joker posters have outraged many Obama supporters, who demand the destruction of all posters, as well as prosecution of the people who create and distribute these posters. Supposedly the posters are made by the groups of people who are angry with the President and his latest universal health care plan. Photoshop celebrity faces as Heath Ledger's "Joker" character from the Dark Knight.

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