Jokes in the United Kingdom
Jokes in the United Kingdom
Jokes in the United Kingdom. Member reactions:
so what. You just can't help yourself can you Ed. Again, I was paying a compliment and you had to come in here and Set me straight.
Great job with lively satire. Bronze Congrats Clauder..
Great set of pins..congrats on the bronze
Humorous Work, Clauder. Bronze Congrats.
Congrats on the win. Would love to see you vote for others on a similar scale to what they voted for you.
LunaC, quelle est votre échelle.Pour moi c'est celle de mon ressenti(je ne suis qu'un petit amateur) qualité des images,travail fourni,idée et histoire . Je suis sur freaking News pour le plaisir de faire de modestes montages ( avoir l'avis de vrai connaisseurs . Je n'ai rien a gagner si ce n'est le plaisir de faire au mieux. loin de moi les règlements de comptes,les rancœurs et les rancunes. Merci,LunaC pour vos félicitations
Translated with "Google Translate, for those that can't read French. LunaC, What is your scale. For me it is the one of my feeling (I am only a small amateur) quality of images, work provided, idea and history. I'm on freaking News for the pleasure of doing modest montages ( and have the opinion of true connoisseurs. I have nothing to gain except the pleasure of doing the best. far from me the settling of accounts, resentment and grudges. Thank you, LunaC for your congratulations
Merci ReggieRey pour la traduction Du bout des doigts les mots du clavier n'ont pas la même résonance et ne traduisent pas correctement la pensée Thank you ReggieRey for the translation At the fingertips the words of the keyboard do not have the same resonance and do not correctly translate the thought

Funny A priest jokes

A priest jokes
a priest jokes

Funny One was joking

One was joking
Member reactions:

Funny Royal Family Play Jokes on Palace Guards

Royal Family Play Jokes on Palace Guards

Funny Dog Listening to a Joke on a Cell Phone

Dog Listening to a Joke on a Cell Phone
Member reactions:
Hilarious chop, one of the best in the contest, but unfortunately low-res. Please realize that we allow file size up to 500KB for uploads. That leaves a lot of room for big size and good resolution. Please keep it in mind next time you chop and upload
Love it Nanny. The puppy's million dollar smile, the two friends yucking it up on their smart phones. But like NewsMaster said, "low-res" hurt it. This was a gold cup, waiting for some Hi-ReS to happen

Funny Frogs Playing a Joke

Frogs Playing a Joke

Funny Conan O'Brien Kills with Jokes

Conan O'Brien Kills with Jokes
Member reactions:
Awesome caricature.... great composition and the most funny part is the skulls act as a Smileys this is too good. Nice idea
Thank you,suni271980. Thank you,rajeshstar.
Nicely composed, hidden … I see he's wearing his Angus Young threads … the hard line at the ends of the two funnels of light is a bit strange for me, though ...
OMG you are killing me by taking my heart away with your Killing concept
A good comedian can make many people happy but he can be a serial killer if a few people die of laughter watching his jokes ... . This can be a dilemma for any great comedian. Maybe I'll write a screenplay about that .
Thank you,Qtrmoonshop.Ericnorthend,keep calm. It's just a joke .
Literally a a rocking chop. Congrats on the bronze, gugu.
Congrats on the Bronze, gugulanul … nice choppin'
Thank you, Qtrmoonshop ... ...
Thanks everyone ... ...

Funny Joe Biden Playing Jokes on Paul Ryan

Joe Biden Playing Jokes on Paul Ryan
Biden laughs throughout the Vice Presidential debate.
Member reactions:
Great Composition Obama looks stunning great view
The standard hairs of Biden and intake of happy pills make him laugh... and Ryan is get stuck with the lighting strike on his head Well done in this chop by showing the timer device and Red Bull effects make him laugh ... well done
Whooopee chop, amazingly executed with thunder work and obama's dress is awesome, I love this chop its a master peace
grats mate. another dubble. Never thought someone would go after the Rainmans nr 1 position, but you seem well on your way.
Thanks, jeremix. I won't live long enough to even come close to Rainman. Thanks, Bob.
Many ideas, many details in this wonderful chop. Congrats on the gold, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy. I had a lot of fun doing this. I forgot the borscht.

Funny Big Bang Joke Chardin Tribute

Big Bang Joke Chardin Tribute
* Big Bang Joke_Chardin tribute ...sometimes serious things, can be said jokingly
Member reactions:
Cool Idea
Great concept. It's always refreshing to see good works, here.
Fantabolus chop good to see the making of Universe I did not know this could happen like the way the bubbles were blown and the world features were designed to it... really wonderful job done
Clever art. Congrats on the silver, Lucido.

Funny scuba Diver Playing Joke on the Ice Fisherman

scuba Diver Playing Joke on the Ice Fisherman

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