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Johnny on the SpotsFunny Johnny on the Spots
Member reactions:
Stayin' Alive at 60.
Super clean work with vivid colors and reference to Travolta's classic "Saturday Night Fever".
Very colorful and awesome caricature done on him superb work on the sparkles and color dots all over the chop good one
Congrats on the gold, Luna-C. Good looking chop
wooooooooooow a fabulous gold lunac, maaaaaany congrats for the win

Here's Johnny!Funny Here's Johnny!
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The Simpson's Treehouse of Horror V, (season 6) had a great omage to Stephen King's "The Shining". I decided to recreate one of the more famous scenes from that film, starring Homer and Marge in the lead roles. Both characters were maticulously constructed using skin grafts from several actors to get the skin to flow convincingly in the shape of the cartoon faces. Please take a moment and view full and let me know what you think. Thanks.
A gem like this was hard to expect. a 3-D real life cartoon recreation of the famous poster is a real challenge. I salute you for the efforts and a great show for the rest of the FNers and site visitors.
and this goes straight to my favorites
Simpson's characters are always in 2d and now you have made them into next dimension awesome creativity and good present for the Genius well done
Excellent Simpsons caricature. Maybe some shadow from axe .
Luciano, I don't think there should be a shadow from the axe, as it is not near enough the door or the arm and clothes. The knife in Marge's hand needs and does have a shadow as it is located right on her dress.
. Great chop and a well deserved win. Congrats.
Thanks everybody.. I'll post a work in progress once it's done uploading to youtube… took forever…hundres of layers.
Congrats. All pictures in the contest are good, but this one is the best.
Congrats on the gold, HOAT. Waiting for your WIP video - they always tell a story about each of your chops.
Here's the work in progress video: link
The WIP work is amazing. , you used Bruce Willis parts for Homer. Loved how you used pool balls for eyes too
RE: lucianomorelli "Excellent Simpsons caricature. Maybe some shadow from axe ." RE: NewsMaster "Luciano, I don't think there should be a shadow from the axe, as it is not near enough the door or the arm and clothes. The knife in Marge's hand needs and does have a shadow as it is located right on her dress." Guys, I agree there might be some argument for a shadow there. But I actually researched the light sources from the movie. There is a lamp to camera right, on the OTHER side of the door he's trying to break through. which is why his shirt is mostly dark as he starts cutting off the light source. There's also a tiny rim light on the back of Homer's head since he has managed to get a little further through the door hole than Jack did. I scrubbed the scene back and forth trying to figure out where the shadows were falling in the actual footage so I wouldn't be too far off. It's tricky because you cannot see as wide an angle as what I am portraying in my scene. Everything is tight shots. And Jack and Shelly aren't really onscreen together in this sequence, so I made an amalgamation of about 4-5 different shots and camera angles to capture the mood. Thanks for your comments, I'm always second guessing myself on light sources.
, stunning artwork. Masterpiece... Great show, CONGRATS
Thanks for the light & shadow elaboration, Hack.

Johnny DeppFunny Johnny Depp
Member reactions:

Tim Burton and Johnny DeppFunny Tim Burton and Johnny Depp
Member reactions:

Great job, but the blurry bottom grabs my eye first
This is fantastic work even with glasses

Johnny DeppFunny Johnny Depp
Member reactions:

Fantastic idea and very well executed Well done Best of luck
Now this is something freaky I was looking for , One of my fav
Thanks to each oh you, your comments means a lot.
Courageous and excellent chop. I love this picture anyway and if I entered I would have grabbed this one as well Top chopping as usual

Johnny CamFunny Johnny Cam
Member reactions:

It’s called “Johnny Cam.” It’s just what you think.
Actually I was thinking toilette cam but my mind is in the gutter half the time anyway Great work.
I thought the same thing but didn't want to say so for fear of being the only one.
Nice caricature abd lovely facial expressions
thanks guys. first one I've done in months. Finally getting caught up my work so I can start playing again
Great, i like much the flesh texture looking like drawing or kind of cartoon .

Johnny DeepFunny Johnny Deep
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Johnny No NeckFunny Johnny No Neck
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Johnny Depp VampireFunny Johnny Depp Vampire
Member reactions:

did this for the Johnny Depp contest, but was too here it is
Superb Nice to see the blood flowing on the rock
Yet its Stone-Cold chop. I like this very much
Lovely Johnny a great comeback of the hero after 50

Johnny the MagicianFunny Johnny the Magician
Member reactions:

Best in Full......
Best in the contest..... Awesome creativity and great poster design... a new film in the Making... Hollywood after 50... Second Innings of Johnny
Crystal ball chop, magical effects and colorful work
thank you ericnorthend for your nice words.

Johnny DeppFunny Johnny Depp - American actor and womanizer Johnny Depp is turning the big 5-0 this coming Sunday. As a teenager, Depp did not dream about acting, but wanted to be a rock star. He dropped out of school at the age of 15 to perform with his band. When he turned to acting and became mega-popular in the 90s, Johnny says he could not cope with all the fame and attention, so started drinking heavily and even tried to create his own wine. On several occasions Depp said he plans to retire from acting when he turns 50 because his "sex appeal will last no longer". We hope he does not fulfill his promise and wish Johnny a Happy 50th Birthday! To mark the upcoming 50th birthday of Johnny Depp, photoshop him any way you wish.

Johnny DeppFunny Johnny Depp - American actor Johnny Depp celebrates his 45th birthday today. While Depp never won any Academy Awards, he entertained us with many characters - from Edward Scissorhands to Sweeney Todd and Captain Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga. Depp currently lives in France with his girlfriend, French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis. Happy 45th birthday, Johnny! To mark 45th birthday of Johnny Depp, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are - merge Depp with other celebrities or politicians, show what alternative careers he might have chosen, what other movies he could have played in, immortalize Depp in famous paintings, make him endorse commercial products, etc. These are just some ideas.

Johnny CarsonFunny Johnny Carson - Johnny Carson belongs to the ages, but his image will surely be used in many ways. Photoshop how Johnny Carson's image will be used in the future. Feel free to use it to sell a product, or in movies, TV, or any other ways you can think of that will use his likeness.

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