John Lennon
John Lennon
John Lennon. Member reactions:
Gold and Silver Congrats, Mr.Hits. What brushes do you use for hair. Excellent quality.
Really Great...,, Congratulations ... Gold and Silver...
Congrats on the Gold and Silver. Now get over to Dagger Bay and see what has been done to YOUR image.
Okay Bob, will do. Thanks Pre, Andrew, Hobbit and Gummy Andrew, I am not sure where the hair brushes came from but I seem to recall Funkwood found them...perhaps on .
Great job on the 60's John. Matches perfectly with musical note background. Congrats on the Gold.

Funny John Lennon

John Lennon
Member reactions:
Great chop, I thought it might knock me out. Congrats on the bronze........
Congrats Pree Great portrait of John, awesome colored shadows.

Funny John McCain

John McCain
Member reactions:
Great job with texture, fusion. Congrats on the honor of "Theme Post".
Thanks Champ. My least favorite of the ones I did and it does the best. haha, typical. Technically... I think it is slightly heavy on the canvas tex and I should have really retextured the entire canvas throughout. It lost something when somebody posted the source with a cheap sharpening app. But, you deal with what you are dealt and I didn't really notice that sharpening until I was past fixing it. Rushing as usual You can sometimes fix overly sharpened images by Gaussian blur and a touch of film grain... or go the HDR route. Thanks for the votes and comments, Champ, Gummy, Kellie and FM.
I agree with your summation of the texture choice, however, other than that.......... Superb spinner.

Funny Donald John Trump

Donald John Trump
Member reactions:
Besides the signing of the decrees, what does he know how to do.
He knows how to undo all the screw ups from the last guy.

Funny Even John Koskinen pays

Even John Koskinen pays
Head of the IRS SOURCE:
Member reactions:
Good one...but did he pay taxes also with his shadow .
Check the original source, shadows are virtually non existent except where the tires touch the ground, so in answer to your question... no.

Funny John Singer Sargent

John Singer Sargent
Member reactions:
Congrats. Is it just me or is the lens reflection over the frame too. 😳
pro job using the source to mask the glasses, one of the very few that did.

Funny John Kerry

John Kerry

Funny John Goodman

John Goodman
Member reactions:
Great Goodman Caricature. Nice work with his beard too.
Very well deserved gold, DD. just perfect all around.
Very sweet chop with great attention to detail. Beard work is killer. Congrats
Top Dog of 57 entries. Bang up job DD, congrats on the Gold.

Funny John McCaine, pilot of F-15 Eagle

John McCaine, pilot of F-15 Eagle

Funny John Wayne and His Friend

John Wayne and His Friend

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