Jockey Jumping with a Rocking Horse
Jockey Jumping with a Rocking Horse
Jockey Jumping with a Rocking Horse. Member reactions:
Great to put the springs over the wooden horse nice leap over
This is Awesome thought and very clean and adorable placement. Best Idea for this concept in here I like it

Funny Barack Obama and Joe Biden Horse Jockey Photoshoot

Barack Obama and Joe Biden Horse Jockey Photoshoot
Member reactions:
Four years "soap opera" serial from Democrats.
Sparkling Skillful
Great job done... good idea of the picture behind the replacement of Obama as a Jockey good one
Poo ha ha ha cant stop my laugh
Congrats on the Wood, Wanderer. … nice choppin' … do they call you the wanderer because you roam around, and around, and around.
Thank you, UncleChamp. Thank you, Paul. Thank you, Qtrmoonshop.
Dear Qtrmoonshop, It's my dog drives me. Sincerely, Wanderer.

Funny Jockey Riding an Ostrich

Jockey Riding an Ostrich
Member reactions:
The dog is crazy about the ostrich... well replaced the bird with the beast

Funny Jockey Flying on Pegasus

Jockey Flying on Pegasus
Seemed like the thing to do.
Member reactions:
Naw...magnificent would have been to make the horse white like I originally planned by lacked the time to complete, but thanks.
Someone just gave me a vote of 2. That was much higher than I deserve, so thank you.
Great.... like your idea to put the wings and the color of horse matches to it good job
Amazing it looks like Perseus on the Go for a ride

Funny Jockeys on Invisible Horses

Jockeys on Invisible Horses

Funny Pix the Disc Jockey with Doughnuts

Pix the Disc Jockey with Doughnuts
Member reactions:
Awesome tribute chop, but "the bird" sign has been disallowed on FN for a long while. Please edit the entry.
Its a Marvelous chop with good lighting and the Donuts were really amazing which perfectly fits to his hands great caricature done like the expression on his face good one
You can easily fix the bird, just add another donut, a chocolate one would be really appropriate.
félicitation Ricky....tres beau travail
Congrats, on the Gold....RICKYTREK1. Superb job as usual my friend.

Funny Drunk Jockey Riding a Horse Backwards

Drunk Jockey Riding a Horse Backwards
Jockey fail breathalyzer test

Funny Nicolas Sarkozy the Unhappy Disc Jockey

Nicolas Sarkozy the Unhappy Disc Jockey
Nicolas is a bit sad...he's no longer President. He thought spinning tunes at the clubs...would be a bang,but it's not..... *VIEW FULL VERSION*
Member reactions:
Excellent work on his face with a pipe good background chosen and nice light effects well done

Funny Pix Jockey the Alien

Pix Jockey the Alien
Member reactions:
FANTASTIC, I love the skin toning ( smokey Hidden )
Excellent this is the real PixJockey
Outstanding work looks so terrific all the best ..
Okay now I am wondering what I have said in the past... More. Well how about a 10 out of 10. Awesome work.
magnifico il mio amico, il vostro regalo sta sviluppandosi piů forte dal taglio. Magnificent my friend, your gift is growing stronger by the chop.
Big congrats on the triple crown Ricky... All awesome entries.
Congrats on the trifecta Ricky. I may be new here but I thought whoever created this one looks like the same level of skill as the ones that came in second and third. Bravo.
congrats..... i love the veins...... wonderful work,,, Ricky...
Congrats Ricky... know your alien art
Ricky, you have won a TRIFECTA. and what a chops they are. Viva Italia. Thank you for treating us with such great chops. and special thanks to PixJockey for being a great model
Congrats Ricky All Yours......., the floor belongs to you now, great job and keep make us proud like this

Funny Disc Jockey PixJockey

Disc Jockey PixJockey
Disc Jockey OR Pix Jockey.

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