ERIC CANTOR'S NEXT JOB. Cantor Loses. Member reactions:
Hey look, a whole truck load of political promises.
Considering his crappy past, he'd get hired on the spot.


. Member reactions:
It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.
Nice blending. I would keep his original nose though

Funny Jay Carney's New Job

Jay Carney's New Job
Jay Carney steps down as Obama's press secretary. Member reactions:
Perfect. Concept & subject & execution of course.
Fabulous. Weekly World News mag is a classic touch here. Bat Boys, Bat Boys, Whatchagonna Do.. Love how you did all the other magazines too.. we only sell the truth, hahaha (background voice "you can't handle the truth.")
Did you see who met Obama when he was abducted, NewsMaster.
Excellent job hidden. Make it greater applying some movement to the magazine otherwise looks like a flat sign
Hahahah funny as hell-o. Lots of great work, Doc. Congrats on z cup.
Silver Congrats, Pcrdds. A Precision job as always
Them's a lotta headlines. Lincoln's ghost advising Obama Silver Congrats, Doc.
congrats on the silver, doc. funny headlines among them, looks like a lot of work. Jay Carney is not well known over here i think, at least, i had never heard of him.
Thanks, Dr. Silvercuspid. Thanks, Jere. He's on tv here every day and is Obama's mouthpiece.
Congrats on the silver, Paul.I saw the main who saw Obama when he was abducted, and this man looks very familiar.
Thanks, Newsy. Yes, he DOES look familiar. .

Funny Job Wanted: Professional Fabricator

Job Wanted: Professional Fabricator
Jay Carney Unexpectedly Resigns. Member reactions:
, looks like that birdie symbolizes twitter. Excellent work
Thanks Balodiya, Luciano.Thanks NewsMaster, great thought about the twitter birdie, but must admit I was thinking of the "Bluebird of Happiness" trying to cheer Jay up. From the 1946 Disney song "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah"("Mr.Bluebird on my Shoulder") Really showing my age huh.

Funny Dead End Job

Dead End Job
This artist is a little obsessed with her work... no one really knows how long she's been working, but it seems her sidewalk turned to road art has taken a turn for the worse.. Member reactions:
Turned right onto road-kill road Scorpion is a nice touch
This is dead road and making by this sweet gitl....
Got a woody for your fine work. Well done.

Funny Next job and he is in place!

Next job and he is in place!
. Member reactions:
Very good... some sprinkles seen on the dog as well good job done like the Obama carrying the job well done
How much does he charge to get the job done. Could be too expensive

Funny Designer Loves Her Job

Designer Loves Her Job
. Member reactions:
One of the best works in the contest. You really gave this office setting an aviation feel.
I want one of those.Great Job AJ. Congratulations.

Funny A tough, tough job...

A tough, tough job...
. Member reactions:
If you have allowed for some of the needles to stand out over his clothes it would look better.

Funny Government Job

Government Job
Please view full to read.. Member reactions:
Maybe Eric meant... very Nesty. Good one.

Funny The other JOB

The other JOB
. Member reactions:
Freaking Nice cutting all are in good shape

Funny Jay Carney's New Job

Jay Carney's New Job
President Obama made a surprise announcement last Friday that White House press secretary Jay Carney was stepping down and would be replaced by his deputy Josh Earnest. We've certainly seen a lot of Jay Carney while he's been on this job for three years, and now he's let go. The official reason has not been stated, nor the Carney's plans on what he will do next. Carney previously worked as a press secretary for Joe Biden before being promoted to White House press secretary. Find the next employment for Jay Carney. Alternatively, show him in his retirement or unemployment status. Many thanks to pcrdds for the themepost.

Funny Letterman's Next Job

Letterman's Next Job
David Letterman, the grandfather of the American late night television, announced that he will be retiring from the Late Show in the next several months. CBS picked Stephen Colbert to take over the show. Letterman turned turned 67 on April 12, and said he's thankful to his fans and CBS for many years of hosting the Late Show. After the staff sex scandal in 2009, he was suffering from depression, but managed to go back being himself, the true Letterman we knew and loved many years ago. So, for all those late nights, thanks Dave. It's been great. Will Letterman be getting any job offers after his departure from the Late Show? Photoshop Letterman's next job or show what he'll be doing in his retirement. Themepost image credit: CBS

Funny Leno's Next Job

Leno's Next Job
This Thursday, Jay Leno, 63, will host his last "Tonight" show, and will hand over the job to Jimmy Fallon, 39. Leno has had this job for 22 years, apart from the half year break in 2009 when NBC replaced him with Conan O'Brian but quickly asked him back after the ratings plummeted. Apparently, this time the NBC's decision to push out Leno is final - despite the all-time high show ratings under Leno, NBC wants to make a shift from the boomers audience to a younger generation viewers, so they picked younger Jimmy Fallon as a replacement. Now that Jay Leno is pushed out of the job he's had for 22 years, what will he do next? Photoshop Leno's next job, or hobby. (Or maybe he'll just retire? We hope not!)

Funny Jobs as We Know Them

Jobs as We Know Them
Today is Labor Day. Even if some of us work today, we should still be thankful for our jobs... especially since The Labor Department said the unemployment rate is expected to climb, and many currently employed Americans will be looking for jobs. In this contest you are asked to create a satirical advertisement for any job (good, bad, or absolutely worst). Advertisement can be in any printed format - newspaper, magazine, billboard, or even a printed sheet of paper glued to a street pole. The job advertisement can include what normal job adverts include - job title, description, hours, pay, benefits, requirements, and contact information. Advertised job positions can be real, or made up, but your advert has to include a satire in it, and should be more than just text advert.

Funny Ahmadinejad's Next Job

Ahmadinejad's Next Job
Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lost the election to opposition leader Hassan Rowhani and will be departing from his 8 years of power. Ahmadinejad was the Iran's 6th president and became known for his hostility towards Israel, the United Kingdom, and the United States, as well as his efforts to make nukes and threaten the world with them. Now that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has lost his job, photoshop his next job he might (or might not) get, or his future hobby if he stays unemployed.

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