Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix. Member reactions:
Great job in the spirit of the contest. POTD.

Funny Jimi Hendrix with Double Vision

Jimi Hendrix with Double Vision
Member reactions:
Heavy smoking, wouldn't want to be his lungs.

Funny Jimi Hendrix Freedom Poster

Jimi Hendrix Freedom Poster
Member reactions:
Lest we forget the stirrr and s--t storm that little adaptation caused

Funny Old Jimi Hendrix

Old Jimi Hendrix
Member reactions:
Great look overall, but not much aging applied. Good luck.
Decent work, I like how you added glasses
I like this. Thought it should have taken a prize.

Funny Jimi Hendrix Painting by Manet

Jimi Hendrix Painting by Manet
Member reactions:
Energetic chop for sure. Party time at Monet's.

Funny Electric Ladyland Album by Jimi Hendrix

Electric Ladyland Album by Jimi Hendrix
"When I die, just keep playin' the records" BEST VIEW
Member reactions:
Your music always soothes the ears... and keep playing always... good work on the lighting flashes like it

Funny Jimi Hendix Singing in Heaven

Jimi Hendix Singing in Heaven
Member reactions:
Nice work, hidden is that Prince's purple guitar.
Thank you Qtr, don't know but everything is possible in Heaven you can have anything
Great color combination.. The purple color shades were looking great over his hair and the guitar and Belts of the pant were perfect match. Great job done to reach him above the clouds well executed
Awesome work his head fits so prefect and the starry effect all over the picture is amazing and gives very lucrative touch with mix of background.. beautifully done
Many thanks Rajeshstar, Ericnorthend very glad you like it
Congratulations. He looks real 'sweet' but, that's not a word I would use to describe 'Jimi'. Nonetheless-great pic Sunshin3.
Thank you PSM, Mandrak, Pcr, Geriatric, Funkwood, Deaddog, Blackx appreciate your comments.
Wonderful, clean work. Congrats on the bronze, Sun.

Funny Jimi Hendrix the Guitar Master

Jimi Hendrix the Guitar Master
Happy Birthday......Jimi. Points to Ponder.: He was born 70 years ago.....and died too soon in 1970. 70/70
Member reactions:
Nice Caricature on Jimi.... looks stunning with smoke

Funny Jimi Hendrix in Heroin Heaven

Jimi Hendrix in Heroin Heaven
Member reactions:
Great background with full of clouds and shiny sun
Creative idea well done with the injections as pillar , he looks handsome

Funny Jimi Hendrix in Paradise Caricature

Jimi Hendrix in Paradise Caricature
Member reactions:
Wonderful work, hidden coloricious. great caricature, and I agree with Kellie, great BG
Out of the Box entry ..... Excellent colorful treat given on Jimi Birthday.. Marvelous chop with smoky fog around with peacock feathers resembles the beauty of the woman.... and finally the Bird over his hat is amazing .... Winner is here 10+++
Breahtaking tribute to Hendrix. Congrats on the gold, PSM.

Funny Remembering Jimi Hendrix

Remembering Jimi Hendrix
Today (November 27) Jimi Hendrix would have been 70. Hendrix was influenced by U.S. Rock & Roll as well as electric blues, and is regarded as one of the greatest guitar players in history. Jimi wanted to be a guitarist since he was a kid. Jimi's father bought him a guitar for his 15th birthday, replacing the broomstick that Jimi pretended to be his guitar. Hendrix wrote right-handed, but he preferred to play guitar left-handed - much to anger of his dad, who thought that playing guitar with left hand would produce devil's music. Jimi lived, played, and performed not sparing himself, and never expected to live to a ripe old age. "When I die, just keep playin' the records." was one of his favorite lines. To mark the 70th birthday of Jimi Hendrix, photoshop him any way you wish.

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