Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey. Member reactions:
Out of all of them this is my fav even though it is just a swap with some trees. It was just a splendid pick for chopping. I wish I had done it
It is a splendid pick, the Avatar Pet Detective. Great job n idea, H.H..

Funny Jim Carrey Midler

Jim Carrey Midler

Funny Jim Carrey greetings

Jim Carrey greetings

Funny jim carrey

jim carrey

Funny Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison
An Appraisal: Taking Big Bites of Jim Harrison’s Voracious Life
Member reactions:
Sweet. Should have done better. Sometimes face characters that are less known do not do as well. This is superb work.

Funny Jim Carrey Riding a Snail in a Rodeo

Jim Carrey Riding a Snail in a Rodeo
Member reactions:
super. maybe get rid of the white lines around his right hand for perfection,
Thanks Steve. Thanks for the Help, Master Jere ^^
GREAT work, Kris. i love the expression on his face. he seems to have a lot of fun. congrats on the gold.
very polished ,, Great work .. Congrats Krizzzz...
Thank you so very much for all the congratulations. It is good to see so many appeal to everyone. Thank you very much again Jere(the Master), Preemiem, Elegary, Hits the Hitman Master, Wanderer and MsgtBob ^^
Congrats on the gold, Kris. Wonderful FN homage too.

Funny Jim Parsons with a Small Face

Jim Parsons with a Small Face
Member reactions:
Nice job Evirio.

Funny Jerry Brown vs Jim Carrey on Vaccines

Jerry Brown vs Jim Carrey on Vaccines
You can see this news jim carrey and governor California Jerry Brown, in the next link jim carrey condemn California Governor Jerry Brown
Member reactions:
LOl... great work in blood spills and great caricature
Looks great Elegary. Congrats on the wood

Funny Jim Carrey & JR.

Jim Carrey & JR.

Funny Jim Carrey Elephant Cleaner

Jim Carrey Elephant Cleaner
Member reactions:
I can't help thinking "That elephant's gonna... um... unload at any moment.
For your safety...you should hide your nose too.

Funny Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey
Canadian legend Jim Carrey turns the big 5-0 today. His most famous roles include The Grinch, Ace Ventura, Lloyd Christmas and Bruce Almighty. Carrey's movies have earned more than $2.3 billion, so some of Jim's friends lovingly call him "Hollywood Cash Cow". Here are some interesting facts about Jim Carrey: * Jim packed on over 50 pounds in preparation for his role as Curly in the "Three Stooges" film. Unfortunately, the project never got off the ground and Jim had to lose the weight. * He has been a vegetarian for most of his life. * During the filming of Man On The Moon, Jim suffered neck injuries while recreating the scene in which Kaufman gets in the ring with professional wrestler, Jerry Lawlor. * Although he was a straight-A student, he dropped out of high-school to begin working in comedy clubs. "Some folks think I'm having a midlife crisis," Jim Carrey said in October. "But if I'm happy, successful, and more loving to my family and friends than I've ever been, whose crisis is it?" We wish Jim a happiest 50th birthday, and many MANY great roles ahead! To mark the 50th birthday of Jim Carrey, photoshop him any way you wish.

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