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Funny Jim Pictures

Jim Parsons Funny Jim Parsons
Member reactions:
Happy Birthday Mr. Jim Parsons
Like the work behind his head... looks great
What chou doin letting those two up there whoop you girl.... Hahahaha I could tell this one was a pro build right off. Great job, Pree quality. Congrats on the Bronze. Fav
Bronze congrats, Miss Pree. Very, very nicely done.

Jim CarreyFunny Jim Carrey
Member reactions:

Love it, but adding some lipstick to him would make it perfect.
There's one rule for ladies, where I live : you choose, lipstick or eye shadow, but both means you're a bitsch
Evi... I'll have to remember that one.
Man, you are just all over the top of the board in this contest Well done. I suspected this chop might well place in the top 5

Jim Carey-PresleyFunny Jim Carey-Presley
Member reactions:

As dog as Master some resemblance there between

Jim Carrey, Picture in Picture modeFunny Jim Carrey, Picture in Picture mode
Member reactions:

Ahh this water flowing out of the frame is so stunning idea, I like it
Congratulations on the cup KTO... Your picture was a TKO....
Thank you very much for all your comment. I am pleased that so many people won the liking my picture to my form. I regret and apologize for me is that I can answer right now, but unfortunately hardly had time all week. The first and second place nation before me, congratulations, nice work.

Jim Parsons Gender ChangeFunny Jim Parsons Gender Change
Member reactions:

Jim parsons gender change
good blending... no marks seen clean job
...I do not know who Jim Parsons is, but he looks a lot like my cousin Tom. Nice work opcrom.

Jim CarreyFunny Jim Carrey
Member reactions:

Alllll-righty, then.
Good merge... the face is very clean and looks awesome

Jim Meskimin, ImpressionistFunny Jim Meskimin, Impressionist
Member reactions:

Contestant News My good friend Jim Meskmin is on America's Got Talent this coming Tuesday. Please vote for him if you like Jimpressions
Thanks Geri. Great Guy too. He deserves a quality chop that he can use for promo. by the way His mom is Marion Ross, AKA Mrs. Cunningham on Happy Days sitcom. A little Trivia, he is also a chopper/artist
Nice impression left behind all looks similar including the skull very good job
Congrats on the wood, Hits. Loved the video.
bronze congrats spinner very funny chop.
Thanks Geri, Silvercanine, Doc, Eric, Rajesh, D-man and Newsey. Well Vlad, Sorry pal, I did my best work. I really hoped it would get a top 3, front page for navigation reasons as a beacon for people coming in for a visit from America's Got Talent. I missed an important placement, sorry.
Got enuf termites hahahahaah, thanks Bob and Gugu. Well Jim Meskimin gave one New Jersey of a fine performance tonight on AGT, We'll see how America feels

Jim's GhostFunny Jim's Ghost
Member reactions:

Awesome job done ... great lighting effects all over them The ghostly characters attracted to their own brand Whisky
Love the composition. This chop is right in there as a contender

JimFunny Jim
Member reactions:

Its clean job done... very well covered good one

Jim and JimFunny Jim and Jim
Member reactions:

Jim CarreyFunny Jim Carrey - Canadian legend Jim Carrey turns the big 5-0 today. His most famous roles include The Grinch, Ace Ventura, Lloyd Christmas and Bruce Almighty. Carrey's movies have earned more than $2.3 billion, so some of Jim's friends lovingly call him "Hollywood Cash Cow". Here are some interesting facts about Jim Carrey: * Jim packed on over 50 pounds in preparation for his role as Curly in the "Three Stooges" film. Unfortunately, the project never got off the ground and Jim had to lose the weight. * He has been a vegetarian for most of his life. * During the filming of Man On The Moon, Jim suffered neck injuries while recreating the scene in which Kaufman gets in the ring with professional wrestler, Jerry Lawlor. * Although he was a straight-A student, he dropped out of high-school to begin working in comedy clubs. "Some folks think I'm having a midlife crisis," Jim Carrey said in October. "But if I'm happy, successful, and more loving to my family and friends than I've ever been, whose crisis is it?" We wish Jim a happiest 50th birthday, and many MANY great roles ahead! To mark the 50th birthday of Jim Carrey, photoshop him any way you wish.

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