100 Dollar Bill Jigsaw
100 Dollar Bill Jigsaw
100 Dollar Bill Jigsaw. Member reactions:
Absolutely rejected.. but I must add on this idea, like give different value to different parts of the 100$ like Head part valued 10 cent, Eye is 5 cent and so one
Well arranged... its will only accepted if its in well form... Scrambling currency will be rejected

Funny Man and Child Escaping a Jigsaw Puzzle

Man and Child Escaping a Jigsaw Puzzle
Member reactions:
Excellent.... the source is transferred into a paper and the father and child were out of it good creativity
Txs rajeshtar. The full version brings a better view
Wise selection of the source for background and smart placement of characters
Freaking brilliant, out of the box chop. Out Of Bounds too. Love FN on screen, . Congrats on the bronze, Demboscki.
Txs NM
this is pretty awesome. One thing to point out for future sake though....the placement of the girl and guys shadows should be behind them, not in front

Funny Wikipedia Jigsaw Puzzle

Wikipedia Jigsaw Puzzle
Member reactions:
Thanks Joaon, Krrish, ArchNemesis & Beerslayer. and all the voters of course
Hahaha, I always thought about puzzles when I saw the wiki logo. Good job.

Funny Jigsaw Villains

Jigsaw Villains

Funny Michael Jackson Jigsaw

Michael Jackson Jigsaw
Member reactions:
Jerry, start by looking up the definition of "enigma", here was a man who had extrodinary talent, but off stage his life became a different king of theater, man/child star/recluse a Puzzle. His art collection was filled with paintings that were very Disney-like, a world that was safe and happy, possibly reflecting his unhappy childhood....we never got a clear picture of who he was...hence an Enigma.
I get the puzzle part, the cartoon girls puzzle me, hmm maybe that was your intention. like the 3D feel you gave it
This job is amazing. The child under the skin of a pop star, as he ever was. Misunderstood message for the biggest part of the voters. Undervoted, in my point of view.
thanks much, zorro...it's nice to know some people get it. thanks again.
I must agree with Zorro. This one should have done better. One thing I noticed with chops, as much as the artist and philosopher in us wants to make the viewers stop and think, it remains the chops with glitz and punch that do the best... as chops. This chop steps over into fine art and fine art though often does well here, it still has to be able to be assimilated in the few seconds it recieves from people. Where an active search is required to combine all the elements to form the root concept... it's a crap shoot if everybody gets it. I believe this is awesome.
I gets it, I knew him and this could be the best rendition here, always looking to the inner child was he ...

Funny Barack Obama Jigsaw Puzzle

Barack Obama Jigsaw Puzzle
Member reactions:
Congrats Luciano. Great to see you back. great work.
That piece would never fit. . (from a puzzle nut)

Funny World Flags Jigsaw Puzzle

World Flags Jigsaw Puzzle
This, this and a whole bunch of flags...
Member reactions:
Congrats on the gold Hamid. This image sure puzzles me. .
Thanks everyone for your votes and comments..
Great entry, sorry I missed the vote on this (not sure about the new voting system.)
Congrats on piecing together a top chop. Nice work.

Funny Stephen King's the Shining Jigsaw Puzzle

Stephen King's the Shining Jigsaw Puzzle

Funny Dustin Hoffman Jigsaw Puzzle

Dustin Hoffman Jigsaw Puzzle
Member reactions:
Well, that's an interesting/creative image.
This has really caught my eye. Love it. Makes me just want keep looking at it.

Funny Multilevel Jigsaw Puzzle

Multilevel Jigsaw Puzzle
Member reactions:
Decent puzzle effect. The way you used four sizes and levels, and have some pieces taken out makes the picture.
The 3d effect is good. The sharpness of the puzzle pieces seem a little off. It doesn't look natural or like a real puzzle.

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