Lamp and Jewelry Box Made From Coffee Grinder
Lamp and Jewelry Box Made From Coffee Grinder
Lamp and Jewelry Box Made From Coffee Grinder. Member reactions:
You know, that is actually a pretty cool application for an old mill grind. I think they call that shabby sheik. Good looking chop.

Funny Chihuahuas Wearing Cartier Jewelry

Chihuahuas Wearing Cartier Jewelry
Member reactions:
So many details, even has his own licence with photo/pawprint & all, lv his cheesy little grin LoL
great,this is so detailed,cute and looks fantastic in full view.
Congrats on Gold...Lots of detail in this, well deserved
Very Nice. Chaos. Would Make a Nice Valentine's Day Card.
Lovely. Bling Bling. I recommend the full view for the full "prosperity".
and Xaos strikes again. There aint noone stopping this guy from excelling at his chops. Congrats on another gold.
Congrats Xman.. Nice composition and excellent colors. Interesting title too.
Thanks again for your comments and votes everyone.
Thanks Funkwood. The title comes from a classic Sarah Vaughan song "Whatever Lola Wants" I believe its been in a few movies. If you dig jazz, vocal jazz, you should check her out. Regards Xaos

Funny Jewelry Advertisement

Jewelry Advertisement
Member reactions:
Thank you all. Feels good to win, I could get used to this.

Funny United Nations Jewelry

United Nations Jewelry
Freedom for gold.
Member reactions:
The thing on the face takes away from the jewelry.
overall there is a very nice work with the jewerly but what u did on her face distract me from the theme of the contest wich are the jewerly. I'm not telling that is a bad work on her face bcos is great executed, just not for this time. Keep choping Also i love your source pic. Do u can share it.
Okay I took off the UN chip jewelry, so we shall see how it does...
Quality work. Also shows the UN is a real pain in the neck

Funny Amercan Eagle Silver Jewelry

Amercan Eagle Silver Jewelry
Member reactions:
very pretty, and great idea. But the edges are a little grainy, as tho the pic were over-enlarged.

Funny James Dean Jewelry Advert

James Dean Jewelry Advert

Funny Virgin Mary with a Handbag and Jewelry

Virgin Mary with a Handbag and Jewelry
Giovanni Battista Salvi (Sassoferrato)
Member reactions:
Simple but powerful and lovelly, nice attention to details
Beautifully done. Applause - and congrats.

Funny Baby Jewelry

Baby Jewelry
Don't Try This At Home

Funny Geek Jewelry

Geek Jewelry
This is what every gamer will wear for fashion.

Funny Egg Jewelry

Egg Jewelry
Faberge makes being an egghead chic.
Member reactions:
Nice, I don't give a ten very often, but this is nice. Good photoshop work AND creative idea. Way to go.
One of the funniest comments I have read, lost on this croud.

Funny Jewelry

Nansi Pelosi is on her break and is doing a lot of jewelry shopping. Republicans sent her a letter asking Pelosi to come back to work. Democrats are split on whether to let her finish her break, or let her finish taxpayers' money. In this contest you are asked to photoshop political jewelry by incorporating anything connected to US or foreign politics into jewelry items. Examples may include party and national symbols and leaders, elements of national flags, oil pipes, nuclear weapons photoshopped as parts of rings, earrings, neckwear and bracelets.

Funny Jewelry

Photoshop face and body jewelry that is unusual and unique is some way.

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