Jesse Ventura Fighting John Kerry
Jesse Ventura Fighting John Kerry
Jesse Ventura Fighting John Kerry.

Funny Football Player Jesse Jackson

Football Player Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson and his cheerleader Janet Reno

Funny Jesse Jackson Scam

Jesse Jackson Scam
Jesse has a Nigerian campaign manager who came up with this 'new' idea. (Please view full)

Funny Jesse Jackson WebCam

Jesse Jackson WebCam
Heheh - enjoy.
Member reactions:
Aggghhh.. my eyes. I could have gone the rest of my life without having to see JJ with his shirt off. Funny stuff.

Funny Santa Jesse Jackson

Santa Jesse Jackson
3 Ho's
Member reactions:
Jesse's coming out with his own brand of laundry detergent. It's guaranteed to agitate whites. Nice work.
Funny .. perfect comment coming from jessie
This looks great and is very funny. Great pose.

Funny Mitt Romney and Jesse Jackson

Mitt Romney and Jesse Jackson
Mitt Romney and Jesse Jackson....can you imagine the rainbow backing mitt.....
Member reactions:
Only for the money. Remember Rainbow -PUSH.

Funny Jesse Eisenberg by Picasso

Jesse Eisenberg by Picasso

Funny Jesse Jackson Goes Nuts

Jesse Jackson Goes Nuts
Jesse seeks Obama's nads
Member reactions:
Plz do not link us the source to your nads haha
FYI: I cut and pasted some Truck Nutz, so they aren't a picture of a real sack.
This could be good with an edit for a larger image, at the moment I think its undersized for an entry.
The entry did not meet the minimal size requirements (120,000 square pixels), so I resized it for you rather than disqualifying. Unfortunately it came out at a price of lower resolution.

Funny Jesse Jackson in Straightjacket

Jesse Jackson in Straightjacket
news link
Member reactions:
That looks like Amy Winehouse and Rush Limbaugh. I don't get it. On a technical note, I would burn the top part of Jacksons head. And check out the contest description to learn how to embed an URL.
Amy's face looks like a cardboard cut out. Need to turn it to make it look 3D
Instructions are at the top of this page. Source

Funny Frankenstein & Jesse Ventura

Frankenstein & Jesse Ventura
Body For President.
Member reactions:
So THAT'S why his finishing move was the Monster Mash.

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