jerry nadler conehead
jerry nadler conehead
jerry nadler conehead.

Funny jerry nadler

jerry nadler

Funny Jerry Brown vs Jim Carrey on Vaccines

Jerry Brown vs Jim Carrey on Vaccines
You can see this news jim carrey and governor California Jerry Brown, in the next link jim carrey condemn California Governor Jerry Brown
Member reactions:
LOl... great work in blood spills and great caricature
Looks great Elegary. Congrats on the wood

Funny Jerry Seinfeld the Clown

Jerry Seinfeld the Clown
I missed the deadline for the news contest. Some take longer than others. Seinfeld, more Race conjecture Granderson seems to pick the racism scab for no apparent reason. Seinfeld mentioned
Member reactions:
It's just like your inside an evil clowns head. Amazing what and how you see things from there.
Excellent Caricature and the view behind the windoww with colorful look gives a fantasty feel on this chop
Love the clown theme here. TONS of work, tons of sources - the result is astounding.
Congrats winning the Gold, Hits. Great Work
Thank you Jim, Newsey, Luciano, Rajesh. Krrish, Eric, and SplatShot., Yes indeed Newsey, quite a few sources and misfires until I got what I wanted... partly why I missed the deadline submission.
Congrads on the Gold Cup,No words Just Envy, Aroused by someone else's possessions.
Wonderful chop, Hitspinaaahhh ... I knew this was bound for gold ... Talent and hard work, it's a winning combination.

Funny Jerry Brown in the Desert

Jerry Brown in the Desert
Govenor Brown Declares Drought Emergency For California
Member reactions:
Excellent composition to link the news story... good job in putting the boats and the dried lake to show of the drought.... Like it
Looks very cute and innocent very well executed..
Excellent. Love the perspective angle here

Funny Bashar Assad Mixed with Jerry Seinfeld

Bashar Assad Mixed with Jerry Seinfeld

Funny Jerry Brown in a Lightning Storm

Jerry Brown in a Lightning Storm
Member reactions:
Great job. You made him look as evil as he is.
Makes sense to me and the State of course.
Like the freaky head Raises to raise taxes and the lighting sky is awesome
Goood caricature, nice skin and frame work

Funny Jerry Seinfeld in a Straight Jacket

Jerry Seinfeld in a Straight Jacket
Member reactions:
Nice clean job, hidden. Nice shadow work, too.
Nice caricature heads and good lighting with shadows used here... well done

Funny Tribute to Jerry Robinson

Tribute to Jerry Robinson
Jerry Robinson, co-creator of the Joker, Batmanís nemesis, dies at 89 Art does not reproduce what is visible but makes visible what is not always so.
Member reactions:
and I love this one also Mandrake. Good job.
Great caricature,...facial tones are a bit oversaturated IMO.
Great caricature work Mandrake . . . I was a bit confused by the multi-colored skin ... Was that done intentionally for a particular effect. Ö Just curious

Funny Jerry Lewis Dean Martin and Marilyn Monroe Caricatures

Jerry Lewis Dean Martin and Marilyn Monroe Caricatures
Member reactions:
Great caricatures & composition, really crisp & clean look . . .
Bronze congrats, Riccardo. Actually, I thought this one would win because I grew up with these people.
Congratulations R2-D2, I mean RICKYTREK1 .

Funny Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice
What will Jerry Rice do now that he's retired from football? Show images of Jerry Rice in his post-retirement life (new job, relaxing, etc.).

Funny Jerry Springer Show

Jerry Springer Show
Photoshop what confessions politicians / celebrities would make if they were acting in Jerry Springer Opera or were invited to the Jerry Springer show.

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