Jeri Ryan
Jeri Ryan
Jeri Ryan . Member reactions:
A bigger pic used would had been better, pic is really blurry and not coming in good.
or I just got carried away with the blur brush, Thanks.

Funny Chili, Jeri, Honey and Teddy

Chili, Jeri, Honey and Teddy
Jeri hasn't yet caught on about looking at the camera. I took this photo of our dogs yesterday.. and they get really really serious looks on their faces when chicken is involved - if there were rehab facilities for dogs addicted to chicken, they would be there. (Dedicated to Jerry Lambert)
Member reactions:
Nah, you got it backwards I think. Jeri has asumed the clasic pointer stance seen in all great hunting portraits; paw raised and head in the direction of the game. I think she has been professionally coached on how to pose for a portrait
Ah, man, here they are posing like true models. Good one

Funny Symmetrical Jeri Ryan

Symmetrical Jeri Ryan

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