Boris and Jeremy    Wolf in Sheep's
Boris and Jeremy    Wolf in Sheep's
Boris and Jeremy Wolf in Sheep's.

Funny Boris and Jeremy Who's the Dummy?

Boris and Jeremy  Who's the Dummy?

Funny Boris and Jeremy

Boris and Jeremy

Funny Jeremy Clarkson the Farmer

Jeremy Clarkson the Farmer
Member reactions:
good one... well tried... the animals looks floating.. put some shadows beneath it
I agree with rajeshstar. Animals should les bright. Moreover, a thin white border is visible around his body mainly in the hat/head zone. Otherwise wery good chop.
Clarkson is chopped wonderfully. The pig and goat see to be levitating over the grass a bit. Congrats on the wood, HoHouse.
You are on a roll Mr. H. Congrats on the cyber woody.
Congrats. Gorgeous series of pictures. All very good.
Good work HH. I think all your hard work and perseverance is paying off. I see a steady increase in the quality of your chopping over the years. Grats on the woody.
Maybe the piglet and lamb have been eating cannabis.

Funny Jeremy Clarkson drilling

Jeremy Clarkson drilling
Jeremy Clarkson goes to a place far away to escape. But he has fond memories of Top Gear.
Member reactions:
Good one... this is the only option left... to show off his frustration
Looks good to me except the bottle perspective.
Perspective. Please explain as I don't understand what you mean.
Good one, I did this pic with Rosie O, many moons ago, Congrads top 5
Great choice of source. Top 5 congrats, Chris.
Congrats first 5. Is Russian brand helps to do work better.
Nice work Christine. Great use of sources and nice blending.
Thank you very much, especially funkwood, for your comment it means a lot.

Funny Jeremy Clarkson the Fisherman

Jeremy Clarkson the Fisherman
Member reactions:
Beware of enemies behind you when you go especially for fishing wao large catch
Jezza won't be holding that fish for long.

Funny Jeremy Clarkson the Mobster

Jeremy Clarkson the Mobster
Member reactions:
Fantastic job done... great work on the caricatured face and cigar
Excellent and funny caricature. The small (like a toy) gun is a plus.
Congrads on the Silver Cup, oh master artist.
As always fantastic work, congrats on the win, your work is always tops.
You turned him into a real monster and mobster. Congrats on the silver, Hits.
Nice work Tim. Lots of humorous detail....and pretty good caricature. I noticed the top 3 entries all used the same face source. The expression was just begging to be chopped. Congrats on the silver.
I didn't notice but you are right, Dan. Hahaha He11, it was the only choice I could dig up on short notice and it worked pretty well. I had a little trouble getting the cigar positioned but other than that, yeah, it begged. TY Bob, Doc, Andrew, Newsy, Hobbit, HH, Christine, Luciano, Rajesh, and Andrew again. Yeah, I love that Jag as well. I had an XJ6 Limited, wire wheels and gold trim. Sure miss that car.
Brilliant dear Tim, the gun looks pretty real to me Luciano.

Funny Jeremy Clarkson the Undercover CIA Sewer Inspector

Jeremy Clarkson the Undercover CIA Sewer Inspector
If discovered, flush. The perfect job for coward agents.
Member reactions:
A real undercover job to keep the city clean
Jezza doesn't mind getting his hands dirty.

Funny Jeremy Clarkson the Plumber

Jeremy Clarkson the Plumber
source pics
Member reactions:
Genius. Real short story. He had everything and nothing now.
All details and notes are very funny. Can't be done better. Added to fav's. Thank you.
Jeremy = mop head an old nickname I believe. this is my favourite in the contest.
Lovely work overall ... looking funny in the role of plumber good one
Congrads on the Gold Cup, always on top and always perfect detail.
Simply fabulous job, love it, congrats on a well deserved chop.
The chop is awesome - the notes on the wall are hysterical, love the Crack specialist poster too. Congrats on the gold, Funk.
Thanks all. I'm glad I never bacame a plumber...although it probably pays better than this job, .
Seems to be traditional for artists to starve in their garrets I am afraid. Then their works sells for millions years after they die.
Utterly fantastic. Great face. Great depressing (and very funny) bathroom.

Funny Jeremy Clarkson the Mad Scientist

Jeremy Clarkson the Mad Scientist
Member reactions:
some good effects here, face looking good.

Funny Boris and Jeremy

Boris and Jeremy
Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party scored a massive defeat of socialist Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn and mauled his left-wing Labour Party in Britain's general election Thusday, handing the Conservatives their biggest majority since the days of Margaret Thatcher. A dramatic result that commentators on both sides of the pond are seeing as a warning to socialist-leaning Democrats ahead of the U.S. presidential election. Themepost Image Credit: (Jonathan Hordle//ITV,GettyImages) Photoshop this photo of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn any way you wish..

Funny Jeremy Clarkson's new job

Jeremy Clarkson's new job
BBC has just sacked their biggest global star, Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, following his "unprovoked physical and verbal attack" on a colleague. BBC director general Tony Hall said the decision was a difficult one, but Clarkson crossed the line and there was no other way through it. Clarkson joined Top Gear in 1988 when it was a dull and unpopular car programme and turned it into the most popular factual TV show in the world with the global audience of 350 million. Show what new job offers Jeremy Clarkson may (or may not) accept, and what products and services he may promote now.

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