Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner
Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner
Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner.

Funny Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner

Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner
Member reactions:
Nice idea, but his neckline makes the head look pasted on.

Funny Caitlyn Jenner Reptilian

Caitlyn Jenner Reptilian
Member reactions:
Awesome Reptilian transformation. Woody Congrats, JoanoN.
My Favorite. Congrats on the Wood, JoanoN.
Nice work on the skin..really looks like it has texture and notch

Funny Great White Hope, Bruce Jenner

Great White Hope, Bruce Jenner
Member reactions:
Too funny, sporting Kaperdick's sock and shoes
Bruce can do it..he has changed a lot since those days..
... Nice work, HH. Bruce's size 15 shoe out stretches Usain at the line.

Funny Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner
Ha. This contest was easy.

Funny Caitlyn and Bruce Jenner

Caitlyn and Bruce Jenner
Member reactions:
And No, It's not just one face with makeup on one side. I't a full chop.
this is the same person not a two face same face just make up no make up man as a woman before after in one should be removed..

Funny The Jenner Is Spiderit

The Jenner Is Spiderit
Caitlyn Jenner, Bruce Jenner, Makes a movie comeback
Member reactions:
Apart from the problem of the date in Roman numerals, it's very well done
Thanks, Denlig. Good catch. When I type in 2018 the computer translates it as IIXVIII in Roman numerals. That is a pretty interesting glitch wich I will keep my eye on in the future. It may also help if I edit with a little more attention.
Thank you, John. I hope they don't fire bomb my house
Congrats on the Win, Hit-Man. Nice Thinking, build and amusing play on words.
Very nicely done. Congrats on the Gold and moving up the Hall of Fame board to #2.
I humbly bow to you voters that made it possible. Thank you Andrew, Champ and SS.
Congrads on another super chop, beautiful and some wood too.

Funny Vladimir Putin Dressed as Caitlyn Jenner

Vladimir Putin Dressed as Caitlyn Jenner
going all out.. big time..
Member reactions:
Isn't it great, Putin is so much fun. You can make him into anything. Great Job on this one.
He is pretty interchangeable. Good job...

Funny Caitlyn Jenner with a Little Head

Caitlyn Jenner with a Little Head
Bruce is back on the box and he's Sweeter than ever.
Member reactions:
Sweet Thanks again for the themepost, Franko.

Funny Bruce Jenner Wearing Makeup

Bruce Jenner Wearing Makeup
Well Bless His 'Lil Heart, The Boy is all Confused these days.

Funny Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner, original name William Bruce Jenner, American decathlete from Mount Kisco, New York is turning 70 this Monday. Bruce Jenner began an athletic career in gridiron football, basketball, athletics and took up waterskiing, becoming East Coast all-over champion in 1966, 1969, and 1971, entered Graceland College in 1969 on a football scholarship (a knee injury restricted him to basketball and track), finished 10th at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, and won a gold medal at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal with a record score of 8,618 points and in 2015 became the most prominent athlete to publicly come out as transgender. Happy 70th birthday Caitlyn! To mark the 70th birthday of Caitlyn, photoshop her anyway you wish. Many thanks to Gummy for the themepost. Availability to enter this contest has been restored with access to submit entries extended by four hours.

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