Rubicon Jeep
Rubicon Jeep
Rubicon Jeep. A friend that I work with just bought a Jeep Rubicon and sent me a few pictures and asked if there was anything I could do with it. I said sure, send me a couple head shots. I changed the name of the Jeep... you would have to be a guy to get that one. SOURCES
Member reactions:
This is an awesome turnover of the source pic and well used to put your friend into the jeep good one
Thanks everyone and yes Steve he thought it was awesome.

Funny Jeep Cherokee on the Moon

Jeep Cherokee on the Moon
Lots of work went into this one
Member reactions:
Great view on Moon... and the Jeep on moon looks different

Funny Soldiers in Dresses Painting Jeep Pink

Soldiers in Dresses Painting Jeep Pink
Member reactions:
Thanks, Kellie. Appreciate it very much.
Maybe, you should start designing clothes as a second income.(.) The Thompson is a nice touch...
Had to come back for another look-too much. One detail: Berets are oriented in opposing directions. Should be slanted right w/patch over left eye. "TEN-HUT. At ease..."
Right you are, g-man...only you would notice it...had to flip the head on the left to fit the pose.
Thanks, balodiya...thanks, sams...thanks, geriatric...thanks rajeshstar.
. An insta fave. The coloring work and how you did the paint drips so make this picture. The guys poses had me giggle - they are freaking gay models, .
Thanks, Newsy. Glad you liked it so much.
, I'd go AWOL. Great comedy and congrats Paul.
Good work with the painting and the guys are really sweet like that Freaking funny work, my congrats..
Thanks, Man Of Rain. They'd find you and put you in prison. .
Thanks, Man Of Rain. They'd find you and put you in prison. .
Congrats on the win, Paul. As a bonus you get a date with one of these pretties.

Funny Jeep on Moon With Moon Beam Lights

Jeep on Moon With Moon Beam Lights
Yes, Jeeps can drive on the Moon, easily.
Member reactions:
Great blending, great creativity. Would make a great Jeep ad poster
Great work ChipMcFarlane you just keep highing man .. congrats on your first medal , and keep going

Funny Big Donut Wheels on Jeep

Big Donut Wheels on Jeep
Member reactions:
Nice idea. Wonder how many times a day they have to change the tires.

Funny Fiat Jeep Logo

Fiat Jeep Logo

Funny Jeep Aircraft

Jeep Aircraft
Member reactions:
fix/add the shadow around the two side tires.

Funny Chrysler Jeep by Dali

Chrysler Jeep by Dali
Member reactions:
Sweet idea. The cars look a bit levitating too.

Funny Jeep and Nissan Pivo Hybrid

Jeep and Nissan Pivo Hybrid
The Nissan Pivo meets the all new Jeep Hurricane. PLEASE VIEW IN FULL.... Source 1 Source 2
Member reactions:
awsome and cool, this look like a future cop's car. this so well done.

Funny Red Jeep Cherokee Cabriolet

Red Jeep Cherokee Cabriolet
Take my design on Jeep and I'll give you your first order.
Member reactions:
very very cool and realistic look, sure Jeep would buy u your idea.

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