I Dream Of Jeannie Caricature
I Dream Of Jeannie Caricature
I Dream Of Jeannie Caricature. How do you caricature a beautiful woman like Barbra Eden. Nothing to exaggerate or make fun of.. But I tried. Jeannie and her smoke is illustrated in Photoshop the rest is photochop
Member reactions:
What do you mean by "illustrated." Done from scratch.
Yes, painted the old fashioned way, hair by hair
Beautiful Indeed. One Awesome Representation of Barbara.
I will always dream of Jeannie Nice tribute.
You did a fine job.... Yeah, nothing else needed.
I like how you used rough texture in the background to contrast with the ultra smooth look of her skin. Nice work Hidden.
Beautiful illustration of Barbara. The hair is awesome.
Thank you so much update: Thank you all again : )
Wonderful work, Robb ... Congrats on the Silver. - Young Jeannie is still hanging out over at Antenna TV
Great job Robb. I loved that show as a kid. It brings back good memories. Grats on the silver.
Canvas background is a nice texture for this. Congrats on the silver. I thought you might snag this one.

Funny I Dream of Jeannie Digital Art Painting

I Dream of Jeannie Digital Art Painting
The picture of the genie I used as a reference for drawing this picture was small and not very clear so I had to make up a lot of the picture. Hope you like it. digital art

Funny Jeannie Java Coffee

Jeannie Java Coffee
I love the java jive and it loves me.
Member reactions:
Lovely Jeannie.. Look at his eye... OMG its freaking funny
I could use one of those...nice work hidden.
Is this true. what a freaky idea to present Jeannie over there, nice work to get Jeannie out through smoke, and very freaky eyes staring at her
Eyes is the strongest part in this...good job

Funny Evil I Dream of Jeannie Movie

Evil I Dream of Jeannie Movie
Jeannie turns the heat up at NASA. I Dream of Jeannie (2007)
Member reactions:
Thanks for the link. Awesome job on that face. Scary.
Love the skin texture work, and NASA guys in the background.

Funny Jeannie

Member reactions:
The smoke needs more work, otherwise well done.

Funny Gladys Kravitz dreams of Jeannie

Gladys Kravitz dreams of Jeannie
60's sitcom star was high.

Funny Jeannie in a Teapot

Jeannie in a Teapot
After many years Jeannie deserved a new home to live in...
Member reactions:
Excellent use of light. My only critique is I think there should be a shadow of the smoke coming out of the spout too.
What happen when I accept the "vote for this caption". Could someone help me to understand it.
I like the concept. Smoke looks more like foam, try changing it for more smooth curvy line fumes. If you "vote for caption" it does not change anything except it shows to the caption author that you (or somebody else who votes) liked the caption.
i like the concept but she looks so 3D generated

Funny Snake Charmer with Jeannie

Snake Charmer with Jeannie
If only.
Member reactions:
Now the turn of Jennie to grant wishes Hidden hope your wish come true
thanks, so far,haa

Funny Jeannie on the Moon

Jeannie on the Moon
Member reactions:
Kellie The moderators would delete the image if it had not in context. Simple as that.
Kellie is a moderator hidden....and no, this isn't a superhero....simple as that
Thx Mac, sometimes hidden we let the voters decide how it pans out, just so u can keep your image in the contest.
I agree with macwithfries n kellie still good but no heroe

Funny Jeannie's Summer Cruise

Jeannie's Summer Cruise
"Master promised me a sea cruise, but I didn't want to go alone."

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