Trump Jealous of Mika's Facelift
Trump Jealous of Mika's Facelift
Trump Jealous of Mika's Facelift. I wanted crazy eyes on Trump so I used Hillary’s eyes. Check out the large version and see all 15 sources .
Member reactions:
Too good, except the blue line left side of face, but it's very well done, and I think welcome back
Thank you HoHouse. The blue line on Trump's face was my attempt at a secondary light source.
His face is priceless. I had a mouth full of coffee and when I saw this I must have had some coming out of my nose because I couldn't stop laughing.
Thank you, robinbobin. That was the reaction I was aiming for. His crazy face wouldn't be possible if I hadn't shoved Hillary's eyes into his face.
Gold Congrats, Steve. Brilliant in the contest.
Thank you everyone. I had fun putting this one together.

Funny Jealous Lover Redux

Jealous Lover Redux
Apologies to Hidden Author's "Escape From Alcatraz" It made me laugh so I countered with his jealous lover killing him halfway to shore. Sthi Happens.
Member reactions:
Everyone is using my grandmother's photo.
"All is fair in Love & War." Another '10' on the run.
Thanks. This has 2562 layers and took 37 hours to complete. HA HA.
loooooooooooool oldman, I choked on your last comment
god da*mn it, now im crying, loooooooooool, my stomach hurts, sorry
Oh, boy you released the granny to kill the Alcatraz geezer. Good one
Adding Don King's hair sucked up at least 32 of those layers. It's sue me.

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