Miserable Democrats Jazz Band for vote
Miserable Democrats Jazz Band for vote
Miserable Democrats Jazz Band for vote. Every election we have the same miserable Democrats Jazz Band for vote.
Member reactions:
That bunch causes bad Nightmares. Good work.
Well they sure ain't playing the Star Spangled Banner.
Congrats on your win, really is a Scary bunch..
Congrads on the cup, super chop for the Ages
Horrible bunch of people to be gathered in one room.. excellent work on this wanderer
Lol, a winning pic full of losers. Silver congrats, Wander.

Funny Cool Jazz Digital Art

Cool Jazz Digital Art

Funny Fantastic Jazz Great Chick Corea

Fantastic Jazz Great Chick Corea
Music is like a dynamic fluid. It flows.
Member reactions:
Excellent chop,Beautiful flow of music,He looks like a rabbit.
Excellent work, great caricature and composition ... I was just wondering about the extra piece of keyboard that appears to be below the main keyboard to the right of his hand ... is that intentional.
Quite intentional QMS, Thank you Balodiya, QMS, eric, RT, vetliba, PSM( It is a non-denominational chop) ,Sulli, B3X and Hobbit
Wonderful. I hear a piano playing in my head now.
Should had known, congrats on the win, love it..............
Congrats on the Silver, Hitspinnah (as they pronounce it in New England) T'was a close one could have been two 1st place cups in this one .
Congrats spinner, awesome color, great depth, cool pic
Yep, pretty close in points and quality. TY QMS and DD

Funny Jay Carney's Jazz Lounge

Jay Carney's Jazz Lounge
Sinatra is his muse.
Member reactions:
Looks totally real. Very nice composition

Funny Jazz Dancer in the Alley Digital Art

Jazz Dancer in the Alley Digital Art
This art portrays a jazz dancer who is practicing her art in the back of her apartment building. The picture is mixed media. I did the woman and the brick wall is from the internet. I photographed the tar road and placed it in the picture mixed media

Funny Barack Obama The Jazz Snake Charmer

Barack Obama The Jazz Snake Charmer
Member reactions:
the snake headphones.

Funny Jazz Dancer Digital Art

Jazz Dancer Digital Art
I enjoy all types of dancing so I decided to do this jazz dancer. Hope you like it. Digital art
Member reactions:
Interesting illustration. Did paint from scratch or over a photo.
Actually, I used a picture of a dancer for reference and then drew and painted her and did the background myself. This is usually how I do my work. I don't try to make the picture an exact replicate of the photo in most cases.

Funny The Jazz Wasp Playing a Saxophone

The Jazz Wasp Playing a Saxophone
Member reactions:
This is a SUPER chop. I just wish it followed the directions (glasses in "movies" and "art")

Funny Man In Jazz Heaven

Man In Jazz Heaven
..."pennies from heaven"...
Member reactions:
Heavenly chop. I can almost hear music playing when I look at it. very inspiring

Funny Jazz Band with Muppets

Jazz Band with Muppets
Sounds much better than in the subway.
Member reactions:
Kudos for photo realism - looks totally real.

Funny Jazz Band

Jazz Band
This Sunday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this Jazz band image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - making the Jazz band members perform some stunts, designing a poster with this Jazz band, putting the Jazz band people into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Charis Tsevis and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

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