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Funny Jay Pictures

Jay Leno, Plastic SurgeonFunny Jay Leno, Plastic Surgeon
Member reactions:

Judging by these two patients, methinks he'll do quite well.
Cool Job Idea. Now if Hillary only had her husband Bill's nose she would be a lock for 2016.
That is a whole lot of chin Very well done..
Rocking faces Neat and clean work done..
Crazy idea of putting his features in all his clients Bush looks awesome and freaky
Good one Doc, always funny and to the point. Congrads
Congrats on the silver. Funny stuff as always

CSI Jay LenoFunny CSI Jay Leno
Member reactions:

Great caricature the best job he can take up of a cop
Kept the likeness very well. Excellent chop, very clean and a trophy for you.
Congratulations BLX. Great caricature work.

JayFunny Jay
Member reactions:
Sometimes open and sometimes not Beer's always cold and foods always hot You don't pay for beers but got to bring tools -cause Jay makes you work and that is the rule
Nice work. check on the opacity of the moon maybe.
I think there's a hair on the left side out of place.
Fantastic his face expression. But the bottle should be empty
Nice edit, now this is what I call a great job.
TY Evirio (Fixed), Luciano Morelli, HH, SS Hahahaha true,Newsey and BX. Luciano, he offers you the beer
Excellent work.... no words for it.... his turn as an old man is really impressive great work done overall
Hideen, that means it's at least the second one .
Love the overall tone... just great work.
Totally impressive, can wait for the next one. Beautiful, Congrads
That was a kind thing to say Mr HH, thanks JS, Luciano, Rajesh, Krrish, Balodiya, eric and Gummy. I't doing my best Glad you folks are entertained
Congratulations Hitz. Top Job. Almost a pleasure to lose to this quality of chop. Almost being the key word. Grrrrr....
Sorry, took a break watching... the Olympics. Bohdi Miller just had a crappy run. Thank you PJ, you exaggerate a bit but it is appreciated and thanks Pat, Bob, Doc, Newsey, SS, Gummy, Jim, Armatien, Wanderer and Evirio. $ SplatShot. I know what you mean, I have hundreds of of near misses punched on my card.
Gary, let's go to horse races together.
Yeppers you can pick em... Hey Hobbit WB, Thanks, Gary, BX

Junky Jay'sFunny Junky Jay's
Member reactions:

Jay Leno's Art StudioFunny Jay Leno's Art Studio
Member reactions:

Fantastic work, but Letterman's ASSets need to be covered
Not sure, Jay may not like changes. It is his studio.
Great humor What is in the pipe, Jay looks stoned Haha
Great Idea and Nice Finish Wandererererer.

Pope JayFunny Pope Jay
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Jay LenoFunny Jay Leno
Member reactions:

Jay-Z and sonFunny Jay-Z and son
Member reactions:

The Loves Beyonce
The son here looks much more resembles like a father then the father itself very neat and great job done
Ha ha ha totally agree with rajeshstar... who is father who is son So clean and interesting work

Jay-ZFunny Jay-Z
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Jay LenoFunny Jay Leno
Member reactions:

Choo sweet.. drinking Milk and smiling also

Beyonce - Jay-Z BabyFunny Beyonce - Jay-Z Baby - New York was abuzz Tuesday over the birth of baby girl Blue Ivy to one of the Big Apple's most glamorous couples, rapper Jay-Z and R&B singer Beyonce. Curious onlookers and TV satellite vans staked out Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan's posh Upper East Side, waiting for a glimpse of Blue Ivy Carter, born Saturday, and her proud parents. However the super secret star couple slipped past waiting paparazzi with a motorcade of black SUVs at 1:30 am. Several magazines including "People" are making multi-million dollar offers to the couple to win the exclusive rights of the first publication of Blue Ivy's photo. Ticked with all the buzz and media attention about how Blue Ivy looks like, 50 cent tweeted yesterday "Yal play to much congratulations to JAYZ and Beyonce BABY #BlueIvyCarter IS GEORGOUS" and attached two mockup pictures of a baby with Jay-Z's face superimposed on it. It's a good thing 50 cent has some Photoshop skills! While the world is expecting to see the first pictures of Blue Ivy Carter, we can only speculate how the baby will look. Let's show the world what Beyonce-Jay-Z Baby baby may (or may not) look like. Many thanks to Preemiememe for the contest concept

Jay Leno CelebritiesFunny Jay Leno Celebrities - After 17 years of hosting "The Tonight Show", Jay Leno has bidden us farewell and passed the baton to Conan O'Brien. When Leno took over "The Tonight Show" for Carson in 1992 it occupied the No. 1 rating spot in late-night televison, and it still holds that spot upon Leno's departure. "Which means I get my security deposit back", joked Leno. During the 17 years of the show Jay Leno poked fun at current events, but mostly at the people who made the news - politicians and celebrities. In his closing monologue Leno said "I want to thank all the people who made it possible: Michael Jackson, Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton." To pay homage to how Jay Leno made fun of celebrities, take the right (or left) VERTICAL HALF of Jay Leno's face and merge it with the left (or right) vertical half from another celebrity or politician. We did similar 50/50 vertical face merge in our Partial Face Transplants contest, but this time, one of the celebrities HAS to be Jay Leno. In your titles or comments please mention the name of celebrity (or politician) you are merging with Leno.

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